How is a real luxury rug made?

Luxury rugs Aug 23.2021

How is a real luxury rug made

Understanding how a luxury rug is made helps to better understand the value of the product and to appreciate even more the uniqueness of these small works of art that decorate your home. The process that leads to the creation of a luxury carpet combines a centuries-old tradition, the craftsmanship of artisans and the creativity of designers. The result is a masterpiece that has nothing to envy to the creations preserved in museums.

What are the elements that make up a luxury rug

What strikes you at first glance about a luxury rug is of course the design of the work. Very often carpets have elaborate designs, capable of enchanting those who admire them for their complexity and intense colors. But the secret that makes carpets truly unique lies beneath the surface, in their structure.

Traditionally made carpets are created by hand, knotting individual threads around the warp, which is held in tension by a loom. The weft is then gradually composed as the knots accumulate.

The creation of carpets is an art that dates back thousands of years. Over time, many materials have been used, varying in their degree of resistance, appearance or durability. The most common material used in antique carpets is wool, used in a massive way both for its characteristics and for its easy availability.

Depending on the area in which they were woven, wool rugs were made with different thread thicknesses. This influenced the design of the work but also the compactness of the rug. Using very thin threads, in fact, allows you to create a dense structure, which results in a more solid carpet, but also a more elaborate design, thanks to the possibility of including more details.

When we talk about wool we generally refer to sheep wool, even if it is not rare to find rugs made with wool from other animals, such as goats or camels.

More refined and precious are carpets made of silk. In some regions of Asia silk carpets were considered so exclusive that they were reserved for royal families, diplomats or prominent figures in society.

In addition to materials, colors are also an important “ingredient” that determines the beauty and quality of a luxury carpet. In the world of carpets we must distinguish between works created with fabrics painted with natural dyes, fabrics painted with synthetic dyes or with unpainted fabrics. All antique carpets clearly fall into the first group. For many centuries, in fact, the fibers used to make carpets were colored using pigments derived from plants or animals. To obtain the three primary colors – blue, yellow and red – were used mainly indigo, madder and saffron. By mixing the different dyes, the other colors were obtained, from green to brown, including pink and purple.

Modern luxury carpets can use either traditionally dyed fibers or fibers dyed with synthetic dyes. The difference between the two solutions lies in the duration of the color and brightness. There are also luxury carpets made with undyed wool. These are creations that manage to make the most of the variety of colors available in nature.

How is a real luxury rug made

What techniques are used to make luxury rugs

We have already mentioned that luxury carpets are created manually, knotting the threads around the warp individually. Depending on the way in which a carpet has been knotted one can deduce its origin. In Persian carpets, in fact, a particular asymmetrical knot is used, while in Turkish carpets the knotting is done using a symmetrical knot.

In other cases luxury carpets are created using the technique of taftatura. In this case the pattern is not composed by knotting the threads, but the carpet takes shape as the groups of threads are attached to the structure. For the realization of this type of carpet are used special tools, similar to guns or hooks.

The choice between one or the other technique depends on the type of product you want to make. In both cases it is possible to create luxury carpets ready to furnish in a unique way the spaces in which they are inserted.

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