Norwegian rugs: what do they look like? How do they match? Find out all the tips!

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Norwegian rugs

Norwegian rugs are one of the most interesting variants of Scandinavian carpets . The ancient patterns are the result of a combination of Eastern tradition and Nordic culture. The result of this mix is very warm and versatile artefacts that were used for different purposes.

Today, modern Norwegian rugs retain many of the characteristics of the antique patterns and add a strong focus on design and the aesthetic appearance of the products.

What is there to know about Norwegian rugs?

A Norwegian carpet is a perfect furnishing solution for modern interiors. Its strengths are its aesthetics, which echo the colours and decorative motifs typical of the Scandinavian world , and its great robustness.

While modern carpets have a purely decorative purpose, in the past Norwegian rugs were used to protect the home and people from the cold. Ancient Norwegian carpets were multi-purpose products: they could be used to insulate and warm the floor of the house, they could act as thermal insulation for the walls and, in some cases, they could also be used as bedspreads.

Precisely because they were meant to provide warmth and insulation from the cold, animal skins or wool were mainly used to make Norwegian rugs. However, it is also possible to find a small portion of traditional and modern carpets made of other materials, such as silk, cotton or hemp.

The most common designs, found in both antique and modern patterns, are geometric and floral motifs. The most typical decorations feature coloured wool stripes, which are alternated, or patterns that create rectangles, rhombuses and circles.

The most commonly used colours for modern Norwegian rugs are those in the neutral tone range. Typical colours are beige, grey and white, with some blue or pastel-coloured details. In antique designs, however, the influence of the oriental world is more evident. The oldest carpets are often made of wool dyed in a deep red, which is broken up by yellow or blue decorations.

What are the characteristic patterns and designs of Norwegian rugs?

Norwegian rugs are ideal for furnishing a modern Scandinavian-style home. They are very carefully designed and equally original, deviating slightly from other types of Nordic carpets.

In common with the rest of Scandinavian carpets is the use of light colours, which are intended to make rooms appear more spacious and give light to the room, as opposed to the many hours of darkness that characterise Scandinavian countries.

When talking about Norwegian rugs, it is important to distinguish between rya and short pile models. The former are a particular type of carpet, which developed between Sweden and Norway from the 15th century onwards. It is a long-haired artefact, which is particularly warm and versatile. Generally, this type of carpet has regular decorative patterns and may or may not have an outer border of a yarn of a different colour than those used in the central field of the pattern.

Short pile carpets are equally practical and versatile. Often, they have an essential design, which is characteristic of the Scandinavian tradition. Short-pile carpets, which are strictly hand-knotted, have a compact and hardwearing structure, which makes the rooms full of personality.

Norwegian rugs

How can Norwegian carpets be used in modern furniture?

Norwegian carpets are particularly appreciated for their versatility and fashionable design. They have a natural, well-groomed look and are perfect for completing the d├ęcor of modern or Scandinavian-inspired homes.

It is possible to place a Norwegian carpet in different rooms of the house, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms. Although their modern look is more suitable for rooms furnished with contemporary furniture, they are also a valid solution for rooms with traditional furniture.

In bedrooms, where there is a need for warm, cosy-looking carpets, one can think of a brightly coloured rya carpet model. This provides just the right amount of warmth and offers a soft surface on which you can walk barefoot in comfort.

In the lounge and living room, you need a warm and durable carpet. A hand-knotted wool model is the most practical solution. These compact and solid mnufatti resist trampling perfectly and give the room a luxurious and elegant look.

Thanks to the fact that Norwegian rugs are available in a wide variety of colours, materials and styles, it is possible to find the perfect pattern for every project. And if you have special requirements, you can always request a custom-made product.

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