Rug metal: how are they made? When and how to include them in an interior design project?

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Rug metal

Original, out of the ordinary and with an eye-catching appearance, rug metal is an option to consider if you are looking for a design product.

This kind of artefact is suitable for particular spaces and is not intended for everyday use, but it still has some very interesting features that any carpet enthusiast should know about.

What are the main characteristics of rug metal?

Rug metal is certainly a bold and distinctive choice that can be used to enrich the interior design of a home space in a special way. What makes them unique are precise characteristics that distinguish them from other types of traditional artefacts. Let us try to understand what these uniquenesses are.

Firstly, the fact that the yarns traditionally used to create these pieces are replaced by a metal thread makes the product extremely resistant and durable. There is no need to worry about the risk of the carpets being attacked by moths and insects, or being damaged by moisture or wear and tear. This means that rug metal can be safely placed in high-traffic environments as well as outdoors.

Besides the fact that they are robust and practically indestructible, metal carpets are also attractive from an aesthetic point of view. Models made of steel or aluminium, for example, have a shiny appearance that can add a special touch to the room in which they are placed. Their ability to reflect light also makes them attractive and modern-looking.

This is certainly not the end of the story. Because, in general, rug metal is  suitable to complete the furnishings of contemporary or industrial style spaces and in any environment where one is looking for a design solution with a strong artistic value. In domestic spaces, such metal artefacts can be used to decorate walls and add a touch of originality and creativity to interior design.

Rug metal

Why is it worth choosing a rug metal?

Choosing to decorate with a metal piece is a decision that exudes passion for design, non-conformism and the search for a unique and versatile solution that is able to enhance the distinctiveness of a particular room.

Rug metal is often considered to be true piece of art, made with craftsmanship and available in limited editions. This makes them truly unique works of art, well able to lend a strong character and personality to the spaces in which they are placed.

It should also be considered that rug metal is often unique piece, i.e. the result of the encounter between the creativity of renowned designers and experienced craftsmen. While the former bring their talent and vision, the latter can rely on their experience and knowledge of the material, which allows them to transform cold pieces of metal into artistic works of extraordinary value.

Another important observation. These artefacts can be made in different shapes, sizes and finishes and can also be customised and produced at the customer’s request. Depending on the desired end result, for example, one can opt for a carpet with a glossy finish or a matt model. Again, you can decide to place the piece on the wall or use the rug on the floor, to decorate the room in an original way. 

Rug metal: all proposals from Nodus

Rug metal

Within the range of luxury carpets  that are offered by Nodus there are also models made precisely of metal . Analysing their unique characteristics helps one get an idea of the type of product we are talking about and simplifies the analysis of whether this type of artefact would be a good solution for one’s home or business.

Specifically, the metal carpets selected by Nodus are a perfect expression of the elegance and innovation of contemporary interior design. Among the work of the different designers, that of Nacho Carbonell stands out. The Spanish artist has created an entire line of metal rugs ‘Metal rug’, using various materials: from aluminium to steel and brass.

In all these unique pieces, the weave of the rug is made from an intricate intertwining of metal threads, forming patterns reminiscent of traditional carpets. The hardness of the metal is softened and, thanks to the special processing these creations undergo, the carpet ends up looking soft and fluffy, just like those made of fabric.

These limited edition models are products of the highest quality and are to all intents and purposes works of art that have nothing to envy from paintings and sculptures by famous artists. From this point of view, displaying a metal rug in the home is not only an original solution, but a smart and long-term investment at the same time.

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