Scandinavian rugs: how to choose them for stylish and functional furniture

Luxury rugs Jul 29.2022
Scandinavian rugs: how to choose them for stylish and functional furniture

Scandinavian rugs are among the most popular for those who want to furnish their homes in a contemporary and minimalist style.

Because of the materials and colors used, these artifacts help build rooms that look simple and cozy. In addition to being the most natural choice to complement a Nordic-style decor, Scandinavian rugs can also perfectly decorate rooms furnished in other styles, including more traditional ones.

What are the special features of Scandinavian rugs?

Simplicity is the basic principle by which Nordic furnishings are inspired. This criterion involves all elements of the furnishings: the furniture, accessories, textiles, and, of course, luxury carpets as well.

Scandinavian-style carpets are simple in all respects. They are so on the level of colors used, but also on the level of shapes and materials. The most commonly used colors are white and neutral tones, ranging from beige to gray. However, there is also no shortage of patterns made with yarns dyed in delicate pastel colors and patterns created with shades of blue.

The reason why these shades are preferred in the creation of Scandinavian carpets also has a practical aspect and is related to the need to create bright and cozy home environments even during periods when natural light is scarce. Indeed, during the winter season, there are few hours of light in Scandinavian countries: having light-colored furnishings in the home helps to balance the darkness that characterizes the long days in Scandinavia.

In Scandinavian rug design, solid-color solutions are often used. When different designs are chosen, geometric patterns that make use of stripes, diamonds or circles are generally used.

Basic geometric figures are also used to define the shape of a Nordic-style rug. The rectangular format is the most popular and the most versatile, but there are wonderful examples of Scandinavian rugs that are also made in a round format.

When people talk about Scandinavian rugs, they generally refer to rugs that are made of wool and hand-knotted. Within the range of Nordic rugs, there are both short-pile rugs, which are durable and long-lasting, and long-pile rugs, which are capable of giving an even more cozy look to a home.

Scandinavian rugs: how to choose them for stylish and functional furniture

How to decorate with Scandinavian carpets?

Thanks to Scandinavian-style carpets, you can create a relaxing and very comfortable atmosphere in which to spend quality time alone, with family or friends. The understated appearance of these artifacts, combined with the clean lines of the furniture that characterize the Nordic environment, undoubtedly help to create relaxing, cool and pleasant environments.

In such spaces, rugs should be used strategically in order to warm the atmosphere and give balance to the room. In the busiest areas of the house, it is preferable to place short-pile pieces with a rather compact structure. On the other hand, if you want to furnish a room with little traffic, such as the bedroom or guest room, you may decide to go for a warm, long-pile rug. In short: the choices can be the most diverse, but still functional for the room to be furnished.

Even when choosing colors, it is good to consider the level of traffic in the room: if in bedrooms it may be appropriate to include a white rug or one with very light shades, for rooms frequented by several people, such as the living room or hallways, it is preferable to make a different choice. Choosing a beige, taupe or gray Scandinavian rug or going for models with pastel shades reduces the visibility of dust and small stains.

Scandinavian rugs: how to choose them for stylish and functional furniture

Scandinavian rugs are pieces to be used in any room of the home or office

The brightness and warmth that Scandinavian carpets bring to home or work spaces is one of the secrets of their success. A perfect result also depends on the harmony that is built with the other furniture elements in the room or premises. A tip in this regard is to choose textiles and furnishings that echo the colors chosen for the carpet.

The balance between the carpet and the floor also influences the overall look of the room. You can balance a natural stone or light wood floor with a darker carpet or pastel accents. Conversely, if there is a warm-toned parquet floor in the room, you can make the Scandinavian rug stand out by choosing a white or otherwise very light pattern.

Finally, you can also request that Scandinavian rugs be made to measure. In this case, the size, format and colors will be customized according to the room of the home or office you need to decorate. Such a solution allows you to enhance the strengths of each space and find the perfect balance with the furniture present.

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