Custom rugs for home: how to make the right choices? How to match carpets?

custom rugs Jan 21.2023
Custom rugs for home

custom rugs for home allow you to add personality and colour to any type of home space. For interior designers, the use of customisation is of great benefit, especially when looking for an optimal solution to suit everyone’s tastes and needs.

By being able to customise every detail of luxury carpets (, it is possible to find the ideal configuration for any room, whether it is a flat, a loft or a villa.

What are the characteristics of custom rugs for home for the home?

Each custom-made carpet is a unique piece , which is created specifically for the customer, based on the specifications given at the design stage.

Depending on the requirements they have to fulfil, customised home textiles can have a customised size, shape or design. Often, custom rugs for home are used when one needs to furnish a space of a particular size. This is the case, for example, with the stairs in the house or an irregular entrance.

When one acts on the shape of the carpet, one generally does so more for stylistic reasons than for needs related to the size of the room to be furnished. Choosing a custom-made rug with an irregular shape helps to add a touch of originality to the interior design project and brings it even closer to the client’s tastes and wishes.

What are the characteristics of custom rugs for home for the home? The factor that can best be acted upon is the design of the piece. In fact, customising the look of the carpet allows you to optimally furnish all rooms in the home, resorting to made-to-measure solutions that meet the stylistic requirements that emerge from time to time.

As mentioned, customisation can start from an existing design, by modifying the colours and arrangement of the elements. Alternatively, you can opt for a design that is novel. Among the most original solutions are custom rugs for home created on the basis of an image provided by the customer.

What are the advantages of using custom rugs for home in the home?

Unlike standard carpets, when you furnish your location with a custom-made carpet, you generally achieve a better result from a stylistic point of view. In fact, fitting carpets that have a shape, size and appearance specifically designed for that space into the different rooms of the house ensures greater overall coherence and a better balance between the carpet, furniture and accessories.

Custom-made luxury carpets are also made to last. The use of durable materials and craftsmanship guarantee a long life of the individual product. In addition to this, the collaboration of experienced designers and interior decorators is also a form of guarantee that the design of the artefact will not only stand the test of time, but will also make the room look neat and elegant, even after several decades.

Customisation is also the best strategy you can resort to when you want to furnish your home with unique and original furniture.

Custom rugs for home

How to make an interior design project special with custom rugs for home for the home?

Custom rugs for home for the home can become the strong point of interior design, both in the interior and exterior spaces of the home. Indeed, a custom-made product can be the starting point for defining the furnishings of a gazebo, for example, or it can be the fulcrum around which the interior choices of the living area of the home revolve.

There are two situations in particular in which custom rugs for home prove to be a convenient and comfortable choice. The first: when there are constraints that prevent the use of standard size carpets. The second: when faced with a space that for whatever reason poses a challenge to the interior designer.

To understand the potential for furniture design that results from the use of custom-made carpets, one can take corridors as an example. These spaces in the home must be furnished with care. In fact, there is a need for textiles that are stable on the floor in order to prevent falls. In addition, a carpet must be chosen that is large enough to cover the entire length of the corridor, but also leaves space at the sides and does not get in the way of opening and closing doors. Next, you need a design that is consistent with that of the neighbouring rooms. Choosing to customise the carpet, in this case, avoids many possible headaches at the root and allows you to define from the outset the size, shape and appearance the piece should have.

One more useful observation for making one’s own choices. Custom rugs for home for the home are also a valuable tool for emphasising the prestige and luxury of the home. The elegance of custom-made luxury artefacts blends with that of the furniture, giving the room a truly refined and stately look.

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