The ideal handmade rug for high-design furniture

DesignLuxury rugs Nov 01.2021

The ideal handmade rug for high-design furniture

High-design interiors are characterised by their careful aesthetics, a unique and surprising appearance and a refined and exclusive style. Handmade luxury rugs play an important role in enhancing the unique characteristics of designer interiors.

The role of luxury rugs in design environments

Homes, offices and shops with designer furniture and accessories need a rug that is ‘up to the task’. Handmade luxury rugs are the natural choice to complete the interior design of a design-driven environment.

Contemporary luxury rugs and hand-knotted antique rugs are in fact one of the many possible expressions of interior design. The most exclusive creations have a value comparable to that of a work of art and can radically change the way a space is perceived.

Designer furniture is strengthened by its proximity to a precious rug. While the rug decorates and embellishes the floors of the room, the furniture, decorations and furnishings fill the space, merging the concepts of functionality and elegance.

When we talk about high design environments, we are referring to special spaces, enriched by the presence of unique pieces of great value. We are referring to pieces of great value both from an artistic and economic point of view

The ideal handmade rug for high-design furniture

What makes luxury rugs the ideal choice for high-design spaces?

In a room where there are designer sofas, chairs or lamps, the rug must be able to integrate with all the other pieces of furniture and decorations. It must be integrated in such a way as to form a harmonious and welcoming whole. In order to achieve this, the interior design needs to be carefully planned, carefully defining the desired characteristics of the various elements that will become part of the furniture.

The appearance of the rug can vary depending on the role it is given in the scene. The rug can be one of the main protagonists of the space or it can take a back seat. In the first case, it is essential to choose a model that will catch the eye and attract attention. This can be achieved by looking for a rug with an original shape or by choosing a pattern with colours and patterns that stand out from the others in the room.

If the rug has the role of a follower and must work in concert with the other elements of the furnishings, it is important to make sure that, in colour and style, it manages to blend with the furniture and design accessories in the house. To this end, it can be useful to define a palette of colours and a set of patterns that can guarantee a harmonious result. Even if you decide to add a few pieces of furniture at a later date, remaining consistent with the initial stylistic choices helps to preserve the refinement of the whole.

The ideal handmade rug for high-design furniture

The best rug styles for a design environment

To furnish a design space, whether it is a private home or a workplace, you need high-quality rugs. Quality can be found in the design, the materials used and the production techniques.

Relying on experienced designers means you can be sure that the end result will be an exclusive design piece, perfect to complement an equally unique interior design project.

The choice of the best material for the rug depends largely on the objective you want to achieve. Wool is perfect for creating a warm, traditional and cosy ambience, while silk is the ideal choice for brightening up the space and for enjoying a unique design that changes depending on the perspective from which the rug is viewed.

In terms of manufacturing techniques, designers offer hand-knotted rugs according to the traditional system, which has remained unchanged for centuries. Alternatively, the proposal can be for tafted rugs. The choice between these two techniques depends essentially on the type of design and the type of rug to be made. Knotted rugs produce extremely detailed designs, while tufted rugs have a superior softness and suppleness.

When furnishing high-design spaces, the rug can also be interpreted as a work of art. It can even be placed on the wall, next to or replacing paintings or prints. The end result is incredibly precious, when the rug is a luxury artefact.

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