Trends for luxury rugs in 2022

Luxury rugs Jan 30.2022

Trends for luxury rugs in 2022

What are the interior design trends in 2022 when it comes to luxury rugs?  The trend seems to be emphasizing even more strongly the central role of rugs in the home and their unique ability to give personality to home environments, through color, texture and their aesthetic and elegance.

Furnishing choices are increasingly being directed towards fine rugs that are able to tell the story of those who live in the home, build memories and fuel positive emotions. It is precisely the high-end products that will be the protagonists of the most iconic and memorable furnishings of the coming twelve months.

Soft colors and patterns of magnetic charm

A delicate atmosphere, enriched by small precious details and a friendly and welcoming environment: these are the characteristics of the environment that the trendy rugs for 2022 are able to create.

The most fashionable color palette for this year moves towards neutral tones and pastel colors, letting the materials and patterns capture the attention.

More than on color, the game this year is played on textures and design. Geometric patterns are back in vogue, proposed in an innovative way with original combinations, and elaborate patterns, able to decorate any type of space with great personality. Contemporary rugs, enriched with precious and original details, such as inserts of precious materials or three-dimensional textures of great scenic effect, are making their way into the home.

Trends for luxury rugs in 2022

Greater care in the choice of materials and producers

Never before has the sustainability of furnishing choices guided interior design decisions. The world of rugs is not exempt from this trend and, among manufacturers, there are brands that, like Nodus, have always adopted a sustainable production system from both an environmental and a social point of view.

It is no coincidence then that, among the trendy luxury rugs for 2022, we find handmade models in workshops in the Middle East and Asia that employ expert craftsmen and, just as importantly, guarantee them fair compensation.

The focus on sustainability also considers the environmental impact of the furniture choices that are made. For this reason, there is a growing interest in luxury rugs made with undyed wool and characterized by a design that enhances the natural nuances of the fibers. Artifacts made from materials of vegetable origin, such as cotton, jute or sisal, are also coming to the fore.

The social dimension of the production process and furnishing choices is also emerging with increasing strength. The projects thus embrace inclusiveness, attention to minorities and become one of the many tools with which one can testify to one’s values and the things one believes in. In fact, even through luxury rugs and interior design choices you can support battles in support of specific communities. And you can take a stand on the most important social issues of today.

Trends for luxury rugs in 2022

The carpet beyond the carpet, between magic and storytelling

When you choose to furnish your home with contemporary luxury rugs, you should not underestimate the ability of these rugs to tell a story, either alone or in synergy with the furniture and design objects in your home. Placing a set of interconnected rugs in rooms somehow allows you to create a visual and conceptual path that captures attention. All this contributes to building a unique and personal story of your home.

The story of the rug itself also contributes to this tale. Each luxury carpet is the result of careful design and research work, involving numerous professionals and developed in various parts of the world. The ideas of the designers are added to the results of the process of searching for the best materials. Everything is entrusted to the expert hands of those who have the task of knotting the carpet and compose the design with extreme care. The result is a creation of unique designs, which combine craftsmanship with a rich story to tell.

The combination of these characteristics makes contemporary luxury rugs the absolute stars of interior design trends for 2022. The long and elaborate process with which modern rugs are made gives a touch of magic to these furnishing elements, making them capable of enhancing the spaces of the house in a unique way. So as to contribute to building atmospheres and pleasant and exciting memories.

Never before has the carpet become a central element in furniture choices. It is no longer just a complement chosen to decorate a room in a passive way, but it becomes the focal point of the environment and, increasingly, the point from which to decorate the spaces in which we live. Luxury rug trends for 2022 forcefully express these ideas and chart a direction that designers and planners will certainly follow in the years to come.

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