The luxury carpet as a work of contemporary art

Luxury rugs Oct 29.2020

contemporary luxury rugs by NODUS

They are born from the encounter between design, art and tradition and manage to transform the face of the houses in which they are placed. Luxury carpets are to all intents and purposes works of art, capable of combining beauty, value and functionality. The thousand-year-old tradition of weaving, the creativity of prestigious Designers and high-impact designs and patterns make the homes that house them unique.

A pleasure to live

Just like a work of art, a luxury carpet can bring value and change the atmosphere of every room in which it is placed. Colours, dimensions, patterns: everything is designed to combine aesthetics and functionality. The result is a rug to live and share with your family. 

When they are carefully designed and selected, luxury rugs manage to excite and attract the admired looks of those present. In other words, these rugs amaze you every day and surprise your guests. Especially when your choice is based on a carpet that is a true work of contemporary art, a unique and valuable object. 

There are many good reasons to open the doors of your home to one or more of these modern works of art. Starting with the care with which the rugs are made, and ending with the prestige of the authors who have taken care of their creation. And do not forget their versatility, which makes this particular type of luxury carpet really indispensable. 

When defining the furnishing project for one or more rooms of the house, it must be kept in mind that the rug can perform several functions. It can of course be laid on the floor, making sure that it creates a harmonious design with the rest of the room’s furnishings, but it can also be fixed to the walls, like a tapestry. This happens when the rug has a real artistic value, rather than an economic one.

After all, why limit yourself to displaying the paintings on the walls when you can give personality to a room by hoisting an enchanting rug, capable of warming the atmosphere and filling the eyes with colour and wonder? The most elaborate carpet models are those that lend themselves best to furnish the walls. In fact, the arrangement on the wall allows to enhance and appreciate at best the chromatic shades, patterns and textures of the work. But the final choice of the location is always up to the owners of the house.

How is a work of art capable of furnishing and surprising?

In Nodus rugs, tradition and creativity merge and interpenetrate. They work in unison. The inventiveness and taste of the Designers are transformed into reality by skilled craftsmen, who hand down a millenary tradition. The wool and silk yarn is knotted by hand, creating carpets of excellent quality. And above all unique. 

When it enters your home, the carpet stops being a piece of furniture and becomes an authentic work of art, with which you can live in synergy. It is not an exaggeration to say that choosing carpets born from the creativity of the most prestigious Designers for your home means choosing masterpieces of museum quality, with the advantage of being able to admire their beauty and exclusivity at all times.

Warm, welcoming, admirable: making room in every room of the house for these furnishing elements means letting yourself be flooded with enchantment, day after day. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of creations by the most famous designers in the world, to give every room of your home a precise and highly distinctive identity. 

Thanks to a splendid blend of luxury and textile art, rugs with character are born, ready to become the protagonists of your furnishing projects. Whether you want to complete the furnishing of a room or the time has come to change the face of the living room or master bedroom, choosing a luxury carpet allows you to breathe a different, warmer atmosphere. And it amplifies the feeling of well-being that the rooms give off.

Enjoy the space of your home at its best and welcome guests in a refined location, finally able to reflect your taste. Choosing a rug today that represents a masterpiece of contemporary art means making an investment that satisfies the eyes, warms the heart and, just like true works of art, increases its value over time.

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The contemporary works of art: Nodus rugsNodus has reinvented the luxury carpet. It was in fact the first brand to propose the concept of the rug as a work of contemporary art.
Nodus has always created exclusive products that furnish the most beautiful homes in the world. Do you want to make your home inimitable as a work of art?
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