Should luxury rugs be removed in summer?

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Should luxury rugs be removed in summer

As the summer season approaches and temperatures begin to rise, some homes are stripped of their carpets and relegated to the attic or utility room. The tradition of removing carpets in summer is still widespread in most Mediterranean countries, but is it really necessary?

Some good reasons not to remove luxury carpets in summer

Let’s say right away that no, luxury carpets do not need to be removed in summer. There are good reasons to enjoy the beauty of contemporary art carpets all year round.

The main reason people give for removing carpets during the summer months is due to the fact that carpets give off heat and therefore help to increase the temperature of the room. In reality, this is a false myth.

The origin of this misconception is that carpets, especially those made of wool, provide warmth during the winter and alleviate the feeling of coldness caused by contact with the floor. This is due to the thermal insulation properties of wool fibres. This insulation can also be used in the summer, as the wool will create a barrier that prevents heat from passing through.

The history of carpets shows that they can be used all year round. In fact, carpets have been used as thermal insulators in Eastern countries for centuries, and the first carpets were used both to insulate the floor and the walls of tents used by nomads and semi-nomads.

A second reason why it is worth leaving carpets in place throughout the year is to maintain the overall harmony of the room. The choice of carpets is made by assessing the overall result of the décor and the style, colours and patterns of the carpets are selected to ensure a perfect balance with the furniture, walls, floor and decorations. Removing a piece of this jigsaw puzzle shifts the balance and can result in a weakened décor or a less than harmonious result. This is particularly true in rooms where the carpet is central to the décor, for example in a living room or an open space. Eliminating carpets empties rooms of colour and personality.

In light of these considerations, it is clear that there is no need to remove luxury carpets in summer. But there is another reason not to. Removing carpets, if not done with due care, can in fact ruin the product and cause major damage.

When and how to remove luxury carpets from your home environment

There are, however, cases when carpets should be removed, for example when you decide to do some work around the house. The spring and summer period is ideal for making changes in the home, from painting walls to minor renovations.

To avoid damage to the carpet, it is best to remove it and place it in a place protected from heat and humidity. Before removing the carpet, it is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning to remove dust, pet hair and dirt. In addition to using a hoover with brushes suitable for carpet cleaning, a dry cleaning product can be used. In order to maintain the beauty and quality of the carpet, it is essential to avoid the build-up of moisture, so the carpet should not be cleaned with water before removal.

Once the cleaning is complete, the carpet should be rolled up and secured with tapes. A good way of rolling up and storing the carpet is to use a cotton cloth and lay it over the pile. Hold the pile inside and roll it up from one end to the other. Luxury carpets should never be folded, as folds change the tension of the fibres and can damage the knots.

The carpet can be stored either horizontally or standing upright, making sure that the environment in which it is kept is cool, well ventilated and with a low percentage of humidity. To make sure that the carpet is not damaged, especially if it is a wool carpet, moth repellent products can be added, such as mothballs or products with more delicate scents, such as lavender or flowery fragrances.

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