Custom handmade rugs: how to choose a luxury handmade and customised rug [Guide].

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Custom handmade rugs

Custom handmade rugs are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Each handmade rug is in fact the result of the union of ancient manufacturing techniques and contemporary creativity. The result of this encounter is a unique product that stands out for the quality of its materials, craftsmanship, durability and value.

Commissioning one or more custom handmade rugs means being able to furnish your home or commercial space with a valuable design product that enriches the room and makes it special.

Why furnish rooms with custom handmade rugs?

Bespoke handmade carpets are made through the collaboration between designers and craftsmen. While the former design spectacular carpets, drawing on years of experience and study of history, art and fashion, the latter work the fabrics by applying the knowledge handed down from the old master weavers.

Choosing to furnish with a handcrafted, made-to-measure carpet means choosing a unique product, capable of synthesising the inestimable value of traditional workmanship with the quality of design and all the benefits offered by carpets.

In addition to the signature of the designer and the handicraft workshop that makes it, each carpet is also an expression of the customer’s wishes and tastes. In fact, a craftwork can be customised in every respect to suit the needs and demands of the person who ordered it.

When requesting a custom-made hand-knotted or hand-woven carpet, one can, for example, change the size, thickness, colours, shape, materials and patterns to achieve the perfect product for one’s needs.

What are all the advantages of owning a custom-made hand-woven carpet?

By choosing to furnish private or contract spaces with a custom-made handicraft rug, you can benefit from all the advantages that come from using a piece of furniture that has a high-value design.

The most immediate advantage is the product’s ability to attract the gaze of guests. The centrality of the product depends very much on how you have decided to furnish the room and its size, but it is undeniable that carpets of this type capture people’s attention.

When ordering custom handmade rugs, one can decide to place the individual piece centre stage, opting for an original design that makes it the main protagonist of the d├ęcor and the point to which all eyes are directed. Alternatively, you can opt for a less overbearing design that is designed to harmonise with the other elements that furnish the room. Even in this second case, however, the artefact expresses all its decorative power and elegance. 

Custom handmade rugs

Bespoke handmade carpets are specially designed to suit the specifics of the room and to respond precisely to the client’s needs. Whatever the requirements to be met – irregular dimensions, unusual shapes, an original colour combination – customisation allows you to get exactly what you need.

With all these considerations in mind, it is worth emphasising that a handmade, customised carpet is a long-term investment that you can benefit from every day. By choosing luxury carpets made from quality materials and crafted by experienced artisans, you can be sure that the product will last for a long time without losing value, but rather, in many cases, gain in value over the years.

What do you need to know when commissioning custom handmade rugs?

Commissioning a custom-made carpet involves a craftsmanship that is divided into several stages, involves various professional figures and requires a variable amount of time depending on the characteristics of the item to be made.

As with any project, custom handmade rugs start with a prior consultation. This serves to outline the framework, considering the characteristics of the environment in which the carpet will be placed and the customer’s objectives. In this sense, it is always useful to organise a discussion between the client, designer and interior decorator, in order to compare ideas and find a common ground between everyone, outlining the type of textile artefact that best suits the project.

Once the objectives have been focused on, we move on to the actual design of the piece, defining in detail the essential characteristics of the carpet. Typically, we start with dimensions, then move on to analysing thickness and style, and finally to the choice of processing technique, materials and colours to be used.

Finally, we move on to the processing and concrete realisation of the textile artefact. The process can take months considering the complexity of the design, the materials chosen and the dimensions. On the other hand, we are talking about custom handmade rugs, which is the highest quality that can be demanded of such a valuable product.

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