Hand knotted Oriental rugs: how to choose the right rug for the individual room?

Materials and techniques Mar 12.2023
Hand knotted Oriental rugs

Hand knotted Oriental rugs are an excellent resource for all interior designers. They are durable, soft to the touch and extremely comfortable.

Such artefacts are obtained by knotting the fibres very tightly. This, on the one hand, makes it possible to obtain beautiful patterns and, on the other hand, gives the carpet a compact structure, which is hardly penetrated by dust, dirt and stains.

What needs to be known about hand knotted Oriental rugs?

When furnishing a home or commercial space, hand knotted Oriental rugs are among the first options that are considered. In fact, they are very common and their pile can be found in many different designs.

Among hand knotted Oriental rugs, the most common are those of Persian origin . Alongside these, we should not forget those of Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan and Pakistani production. Over the course of time, genuine carpet-making styles have developed , which differ in the type of knot used, the colours used, the patterns reproduced and the typical dimensions of the rugs.

When analysing a hand-knotted Oriental carpet, one can check what type of knot was used. In most cases, the distinction is between the Persian knot, which is asymmetrical, and the Turkish knot, which is symmetrical. One can also tell from the colours used for the carpet where it was produced, especially when it is an ancient artefact.

In the past, certain colours, especially those that were considered the most precious and the most difficult to obtain, were only used for rugs destined for the higher social classes. In China, for example, yellow and gold were reserved for rugs in imperial residences. In the Arab world, on the other hand, the colour green is used exclusively for textiles intended for prayer.

In the production of Oriental rugs, wool is mostly used, which is obtained from animals available in neighbouring regions. In addition to sheep’s wool, goat, camel and yak wool is frequently used. As for the designs, in hand knotted Oriental rugs, great reference is made to characteristic symbols and decorative motifs.

Today, it is possible to find artefacts of all shapes and sizes on the market, but in traditional rugs, the options are somewhat reduced. Usually, the size of the carpet reflects the type of use for which it was intended. Larger pieces have a purely decorative purpose or are used to protect floors, while smaller pieces are used as prayer rugs, as saddles or as canvases. When used as canvases, objects in the home, especially valuable and fragile ones, are wrapped and stored around the rugs.

Hand knotted Oriental rugs

How is a hand-knotted Oriental carpet made?

Hand knotted Oriental rugs are still made today using a craftsmanship technique that has been handed down for generations. The work is divided into many different stages, involving several people. First, the design of the carpet must be drawn up and its dimensions, shape, colours and design defined.

Once the characteristics of the product to be obtained have been clarified, it is necessary to procure the coloured fibres to be used. When everything is ready to start the actual weaving of the carpet, the warp is fixed to a loom and the fibres are knotted individually to obtain the weft of the pile. For the warp, the yarns most frequently used in the East are wool, cotton and hemp. For the weft, on the other hand, wool and cotton are often used, sometimes with the addition of a small amount of silk.

After completing the pattern, the surface of the artefact can be shaved to level it and make it uniform.

How to choose the best hand knotted Oriental rugs for the home?

In order to find the best hand-knotted Oriental carpet to complement the d├ęcor of different rooms in the home, it is necessary to bear in mind the particularities of each room and define what style you want to give the individual space.

The first distinction to be made is between antique rugs, with traditional patterns and colours, and modern rugs, with a contemporary look and often characterised by abstract designs and bright colours.

When choosing the item, one must also consider the type of room to be furnished. For example, for the busiest spaces in the home, such as the living room and hallways, it is advisable to choose a model made of wool and with a high knot density. On the other hand, for bedrooms, one can choose hand knotted Oriental rugs with long or thick pile. The latter are softer and more comfortable, even when walking on them barefoot.

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