Maarten Baas interviewed by Nodus

Design Jun 30.2021

Maarten Baas

Nodus collaborates with the world’s most famous designers. These creatives are famous for their style and the continuous innovation they bring with their ideas. One of these artists is Maarten Baas. We interviewed him. Let’s get to know him better and find out what his ideas on design are and what he envisages  for the future.

How would you define the essence or primary characteristics of your work? Each designer has his own style, his own distinctive trait… which are yours?
Having a style is like being in jail…

What are the people or stories that have influenced you the most in your career path?
Tutors like Jurgen Bey, colleages like Bertjan Pot, artists like Erwin Wurm…

How much does the culture of your country and its traditions permeate your projects?
It’s hard to say something about my own culture, because I’m so used to it. An outsider could judge better how ‘Dutch’ it is what I’m doing. I have the feeling I would make the same work if I was living in Spain, France or USA. It’s more the pragmatic circumstances (location, infrastructure, costs) that makes the difference…

How do you imagine the future and what do you think will be the new trends in design?
I’m praying for a future without design trends…

What do you think of the role of sustainability at present? Do you think it is a basic element of design, or it is an added value, in your opinion?
The kind of design we’re doing is not sustainable at all. The most sustainable is to not-make and not-buy design. That’s why you better make good design, which makes sense, because we have to make up for the damage we make. 

How important are the social issues in your design and how often are are they influencing your projects?
I like to work with nice people, and treat them nicely. That’s the social aspect of my work.

Is Design more emotion, more rationality/functionality, or is there no prevalence between one of the two aspects?

What do you think about the role of textiles in design?
They’re soft.

To conclude, an aphorism or a phrase that represents you.
Never believe oneliners.

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