Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: what are the differences? What choice to make?

Materials and techniques Mar 17.2023
Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs

In today’s post we discuss Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: what are the differences between the two types of artefacts? What are the tips for making the right choice according to your furnishing needs? Below you will find all the answers to these questions…

Luxury carpets  are a very important element of interior design. The perfect model can in fact enhance the appearance and functionality of the room in which it is placed.

On the market, it is possible to find dozens of models made using various techniques. Hand-knotting  is the most widespread technique. It is the system that was used to obtain the ancient Oriental carpets and is still the preferred technique for obtaining luxury and high-quality models. In more recent times, machine-knotted carpets have also started to become popular. While at first glance they have a similar design to knotted carpets, the differences between the two are profound.

And here is everything you need to know about Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs! 

What distinguishes hand-knotted carpets

Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: let’s start by describing the first type.

Hand-knotted carpets are produced in an artisanal manner, using techniques that require a great deal of patience, experience and manual skill. The knitter works with the support of a loom, to which the threads that make up the warp are attached and around which thousands or millions of knots are made to create the chosen decorative pattern.

The processing of a hand-knotted carpet is generally very long. The amount of man-hours needed to complete a design is influenced by several factors, such as the size of the carpet, the thickness of the yarn used and the type of pattern to be reproduced. It may take more than one craftsman to complete a hand-knotted carpet.

The hand-knotting of carpets is typical of several Asian regions. Various knotting techniques have developed here. The best known are those involving the use of the Turkish knot, the Persian knot or the Tibetan knot. The use of these techniques influences both the final appearance of the carpet and the firmness of the knots.

Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs

What distinguishes machine-knotted carpets?

Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: now it is time to talk about the second type.

Machine-made carpets are industrial products that are produced using specialised machinery.

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to produce textile artefacts much more quickly and efficiently than hand-weaving, with the effect of reducing production costs and being able to obtain large quantities in a short time.

In appearance, machine-made carpets imitate hand-knotted carpets. In fact, it is possible to have machine-made items – both short- and long-pile, with traditional and contemporary designs – that are quite similar to those used for knotted carpets.

Machine-made carpets are popular because they are easy to obtain, inexpensive and very versatile. However, the use of standardised patterns and colours can make machine-made carpets less aesthetically appealing. Moreover, since they are often made of lower quality materials and with less care, their durability may be less than that of hand-knotted carpets.

So what? Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: which is the ideal choice? Let us say a few more words about this.

Hand-knotted and machine-knotted carpets: how to make a useful comparison to make the right decision?

When making a comparison between Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs, there are several factors to consider.

Hand-knotted carpets offer many advantages, such as being more durable than machine-made carpets. In addition, each carpet is unique, with a customised design and colours that vary depending on the material used. Finally, hand-knotted carpets are appreciated for their handcrafted beauty.

Besides all these advantages, one must also consider that hand-knotted carpets are generally more expensive than machine-made carpets. Moreover, the former require specific care and maintenance to preserve their beauty and quality.

On the other hand, machine-knotted carpets have a faster manufacturing process and allow the design to be reproduced precisely countless times, which greatly reduces the price of production.

So what does the choice of carpet depend on? It depends first and foremost on personal needs and preferences. For a high-quality, uniquely designed carpet, a hand-knotted carpet is the best choice. It should also be remembered that when you turn to craftsmen who hand-knit carpets, you can also request custom-made designs.

Conversely, when focusing on machine-made carpets, one must remember that we are dealing with models that are the result of mass production. This can be convenient when one is looking for a medium quality carpet at a lower price and when one wants to have a wide variety of choice, both in terms of materials and dimensions as well as design.

Hand knotted vs. machine made rugs: what are the final considerations? The choice between a hand-knotted and a machine-made carpet depends on the buyer’s needs, preferences and budget, but it is also important to carefully evaluate the advantages and limitations of both types of artefacts in order to be able to make an informed and satisfying choice.

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