Made to measure floor runners: how to decorate spaces with taste and personality 

custom rugs Oct 07.2022
Made to measure floor runners

Made to measure floor runners make it possible to furnish even the most difficult areas of the home for interior designers, such as kitchens and hallways, with personality.

With their elongated shape, floor runners fill the space and enhance it. Depending on the desired objective, the runner can be used to give colour to the room, to make the space more airy and bright or to give it more depth.

Why furnish with a Made to measure floor runners?

Like all high-quality carpets, floor runners made by Asia’s most skilled craftsmen make the spaces in which they are placed comfortable and cosy. When deciding to furnish with a custom-made floor runner, the options are more limited than when choosing a luxury rug that has a more traditional shape. The end result, however, is just as positive.

A custom-made runner manages to fill the space elegantly and with personality. A runner, which is characterised by its long, narrow shape, is usually used to decorate hallways or areas near kitchen furniture. These are areas of the home where this type of artefact can best express all its positive characteristics, both from a decorative and functional point of view.

Depending on where it is placed, a floor runner can add a touch of colour to the space, make moving from one part of the house to another safer and more comfortable, or decorate the room in a unique and coherent way with the rest of the room.

Through a careful made-to-measure project, it is possible to define down to the smallest detail the characteristics that the runner must have, so as to hit exactly the targets that were set.

Made to measure floor runners

What types of made-to-measure runners to choose for different rooms in the home?

Opting for a made-to-measure project allows you to design the ideal luxury carpet for each room in the house, i.e. the artefact that is capable of both protecting and enhancing the floor, so as to increase the overall comfort of the home environment.

When designing a Made to measure floor runners, the first aspect to consider is the size of the carpet. For runners intended to decorate corridors, the choice almost always falls on a rectangular-shaped piece. But this is not the only solution available. In the case of corridors that are not particularly long and connect several neighbouring rooms, one can also opt for a round carpet. Such a solution gives the space personality and furnishes it discreetly.

Those who prefer the elongated shape of the runner must however be careful to define the correct measurements of the piece. Generally, leave about 20 centimetres free at the sides of the carpet, so as not to overfill the corridor. You can also opt for a floor runner of the same width as the corridor: in this case, the result will be very modern and original and the focus will be more on the walls of the room.

Visually, different results can be achieved by choosing a particular type of workmanship. Knotted carpets, for example, are great for those looking for a Made to measure floor runners that is both comfortable and durable. Woven carpets such as kilims, on the other hand, are preferred when versatile, practical and ethnic-looking artefacts are desired.

Made to measure floor runners

Any suggestions for giving your home a unique touch with customised floor runners?

Made to measure floor runners  are a valuable resource for those who want to furnish their home in a truly unique way. By being able to choose the size, materials and colours to be used for each model, you can achieve a final result that is always in line with your wishes.

Customised runners can complement the décor of different spaces in the home: in addition to hallways, other areas where they can be used are kitchens or balconies. Thanks to the use of runners, all these rooms can be furnished in a neat way and have a consistent appearance with the rest of the home.

Any other useful tips? Those who have opted for contemporary furniture can, for example, complete their interior design project with a plain-coloured runner. Or they can opt for a carpet with a floral design or a piece with a pile with a simple geometric pattern. For classic style projects, on the other hand, the best options are custom-made runners with Berber or Persian style decorations.

In particular, Made to measure floor runners also fit perfectly in homes decorated in an ethnic style. In these cases, the best designs are the colourful designs of kilim carpets, but our suggestion is also to consider the richness of detail of oriental carpets.

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