Custom plush rugs: what are they and how to match them in different rooms of the house?

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Custom plush rugs

Custom-made soft rugs are an excellent solution for furnishing all those rooms in the home where a soft and comfortable pile is needed.

Thanks to their thickness and the softness of the fibres, such rugs are also perfect when there is a need to protect the floor and, thanks to their customised design, they can also be used to give a distinctive look or to emphasise a particular point in the home.

Since they are delicate carpets, as you can easily guess, they are not particularly suitable in busy spaces such as living rooms and hallways.

What exactly are custom plush rugs?

Custom-designed and custom plush rugs are a special category of long-pile items. Unlike classic long-pile carpets , they have a more compact structure and a velvety finish. This makes them very elegant and equally refined furnishing accessories.

The best functional and aesthetic results are achieved by using wool and cotton fibres. The yarn is knotted at the base of the carpet, very tightly, so that a compact, soft pile is obtained. In order to achieve maximum comfort and an aesthetically pleasing result, it is important to ensure that the height and thickness of the carpet is uniform and that the compactness of the fabric fibres is also constant over the entire surface area of the product.

Thanks to their characteristics, custom plush rugs are perfect for those who need a product that is at the same time elegant, capable of protecting the floor and ensuring a good level of sound insulation. And also customised in size, of course.

Specifically, custom plush rugs are also more practical and safer than classic long-pile carpets. How so? The fact that the fibres are closer together reduces the risk of tripping over the pile and increases safety in the presence of children and the elderly. In addition, the compact structure of the carpet means that it is less prone to dust accumulation and, therefore, easier to clean.

All the comfort and protection of customised soft carpets

To bring out the best qualities of custom plush rugs, it is advisable to choose a large-format product. In this sense, extra-large pieces, which cover a large part of the room floor, can be successfully placed in the living area of the house as well as in the bedroom. Especially those who are used to walking barefoot around the house will appreciate their softness and compactness.

Those who do not want to cover the floor, but also do not want to give up the comfort of custom plush rugs, can then decide to install a small piece. Such a piece will serve to emphasise a point in the room or add a touch of colour. One can place a round rug in front of the sofa, for example, or place a square rug at the foot of the bed.

To achieve the best result, it is important to match the carpet to the type of room and choose a model that has a design in line with one’s aesthetic tastes. Generally, soft carpets are made in solid colours, with colour gradients or with floral or abstract patterns. This is without prejudice to possible customisation. In any case, when choosing your preferred design, you should take into account the final effect of the carpet in the room and the balance that will be created between the colours of the pattern and those already present in the room.

Custom plush rugs

How can custom plush rugs be used in home decoration?

When defining the characteristics to customise soft carpets, it should be remembered that this textile pattern has a velvety finish, on which the footprints left by human passage remain. This effect can somewhat penalise carpets with a very elaborate design, especially when it comes to a large format product.

It is precisely the size of the carpet that is one of the main aspects to take into consideration when furnishing with customised soft carpets. The product must be large enough to furnish the room without overloading the space too much. It must also establish a good balance with the furniture and other objects in the location.

Often, the customisation of the carpet is done by acting on the shape of the pattern. In addition to the classic rectangular format, round, square and oval designs can be considered. If there is a need to balance furnishings with straight lines and a minimalist design, one can also decide to place a customised soft rug in the room with an abstract design.

We have already mentioned that the best yarns for custom plush rugs are wool and cotton. Those who want to accentuate the lustrous finish of this type of textile can decide to create a mix of wool and viscose or wool and silk, either using the precious silk of animal origin or opting for the more sustainable silk of vegetable origin. Both are very valuable and impressive solutions.

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