Modern shaggy rugs: a guide to choosing the ideal model for any room

DesignMaterials and techniques Jan 14.2023
Modern shaggy rugs

Modern shaggy rugs are an excellent choice for anyone wishing to create a warm and cosy-looking home space.

These types of artefacts are made with different production techniques and with the use of various materials. This means that there are many alternatives to consider before making the final choice, but that it is always possible to find the model that has the perfect characteristics to fit every room in the house.

What do modern shaggy rugs look like?

Pieces with a consistent pile length are contrasted with short pile carpets  and flat pile carpets . Of these three carpet types, the former have the highest pile and are also the most delicate. Let us get to know them better.

To obtain a long pile carpet, one generally proceeds by knotting tufts of yarn to the warp. In this specific case, the process is similar to that used to make a hand-knotted short pile piece. The main difference lies in the thickness of the fibres that are knotted to the warp. And then there is another difference: the absence of the pile shaving stage.

For simpler designs and when one wants to emphasise the softness of the carpet even more, one can resort to tafting. In the case of long-pile tafted carpets, the pile fibres are not knotted to the warp, but rather fixed to a base, often to a canvas, through the use of a special gun or hook.

Whichever craft technique one prefers to adopt, the result is always a soft, warm carpet with a contemporary look and great versatility.

Modern shaggy rugs have been particularly popular since the 1960s. Over time, they have become one of the symbols of modern interior design, especially for designers who aim to create comfortable and cozy rooms.

Which rooms in the home can be furnished with a modern long pile carpet?

In contrast to short pile models, in modern shaggy rugs the fibres are not tightly bound together. The fact that there is more space between the fibres and that the carpet is higher has important consequences, which should be borne in mind when considering whether to choose them to furnish the home.

Precisely due to the fact that long-haired artefacts are made up of long, soft fibres and knotted tufts of yarn that are tufted together, more dust and dirt tends to settle between the fabrics. This makes long pile carpets not the best solution for furnishing busy rooms in the home, such as the kitchen, living room, entrance hall or hallways.

In particular, modern shaggy rugs are delicate and must therefore be treated with extreme care. The cleaning routine must be carefully followed and no aggressive detergents or hoovers should be used. In short: no cleaning actions should be carried out that can ruin or tear the threads of the artefact.

What is the best space in the home in which to place a modern long pile carpet? Undoubtedly the bedroom. In fact, this kind of furnishing accessory works very well both as a bedside rug and as a rug to be placed in the centre of the room. By choosing a design that is appropriate for the room, it is therefore possible to achieve an excellent result, both in the master bedroom and in the guest room. However, it is also possible to place one or more pieces in the room where children and teenagers sleep.

Modern shaggy rugs

What are the best tips for decorating with modern shaggy rugs?

On paper, modern shaggy rugs can be made from many different materials. The best results, however, are achieved with wool yarns. For the most elegant and exclusive designs, one can also consider adding a percentage of silk, of animal or vegetable origin, to the composition.

The use of a wool yarn – or wool and silk yarn – makes the carpet very durable, gives it a luxurious appearance and allows the piece to be transformed from a simple furnishing accessory into a major player in interior design.

This is not the end of the story. In addition to the choice of material, attention must also be paid to the choice of the best design for the piece. For example, modern shaggy rugs with a purely contemporary design fit ideally into a minimalist furnished environment. On the other hand, a rug with a vintage design may be the most appropriate choice for those looking for an original piece of furniture.

One last suggestion. In conclusion, it can be said without any doubt that the finest modern shaggy rugs – i.e. those that can be likened to true works of contemporary art – are one of the most versatile solutions. These models can actually add a touch of colour to the room, become the ideal complement to the furniture and decorations in the room and give the space a look that is both luxurious and sophisticated.

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