How to protect your luxury carpet

Luxury rugs Jan 06.2021

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A luxury carpet is a piece of furniture that provides a framework for various everyday activities. Especially carpets that are placed in the bedroom, living room or lounge are subject to more wear and tear and need to be properly protected.

How to protect your luxury carpet with routine cleaning

Regular and thorough cleaning is the first weapon at your disposal to maintain the beauty of a high quality carpet.

A good hoover is the best ally of anyone who has chosen to furnish their home with one or more luxury carpets. The frequency with which carpets need to be cleaned depends firstly on how many people live in the house and secondly on the environment in which the pieces are placed.

In order to thoroughly remove dust and dirt, it is best to vacuum the entire carpet surface slowly, concentrating on the areas where the most foot traffic occurs. Choosing an appliance with a powerful motor can make vacuuming even more efficient.

However, taking care of luxury carpets is not just about cleaning them. Protecting them from potential damage caused by furniture is just as important. This is a rare thought, but it is something that needs to be taken into account. For example, if the carpet is placed underneath a sofa or bed, it is advisable to add protection underneath the legs of the furniture to prevent it from leaving marks or damaging the surface of the carpet. The protection can be made of various materials, there are many types, as long as they are soft and non-abrasive.

How to deal with stains?

Using carpets on a daily basis increases the risk of stains. The carpets most at risk are those placed in areas of the house where people eat or cook – typically the carpets in the living room or under the dining table in the living room.

Carpets in the bedroom or carpets that adorn the hallways or entrance hall can also be prone to staining. This is especially the case in homes with children or pets.

In order to prevent the luxury carpet from becoming damaged, it is important to treat the stain early and try to remove it, taking care to work gently. In order for the treatment to be successful and for the carpet to easily return to its original splendour, it is imperative that the correct action is taken, taking into account the type of stain to be removed and the type of fabric the carpet is made of. In other words, the intervention must be personalised according to the substance that has soiled the rug.

Here are some examples. In general, stains caused by water-soluble substances are the easiest to remove. If, for example, milk or liquor has been spilt on the carpet, or if children have used coloured markers, the stain can be removed without too much difficulty. First of all, any excess liquid must be absorbed. Once this has been done, the carpet can be cleaned with a damp cloth, moving from the outside in. If the stain does not go away, you can treat the area with a solution of water and vinegar. Alternatively, a solution of water containing a few drops of mild detergent can be used.

For stains caused by greasy substances, such as oil or wax, some extra care is needed. After dabbing the carpet with absorbent paper, a cloth or paper can be placed over the stain. Then iron the stain on with a hot iron, making sure that the temperature is suitable for the carpet material. Why do this? The heat will help to dissolve the stain and return the carpet to its original beauty.

In the case of stubborn or dry stains, if the above actions do not solve the problem, it is advisable to hire professional stain removers. Aggressive products such as ammonia should be avoided. Especially in the case of luxury carpets made of fine wool or silk, ammonia can damage the fibres or cause discolouration. In extreme cases, this could cause irreparable damage to the piece.

Deep cleaning to thoroughly sanitise and revitalise your carpet

At least once a year, it is recommended to treat your carpet with a professional deep cleaning. Specific treatments for luxury carpets ensure a thorough cleaning, while respecting the delicate fibres and preciousness of the carpet.

How is this done? After beating and vacuuming the surface, the carpet is washed with mild detergents and water. Professional machinery brushes the fibres to remove stains and impurities. At the end of this stage, the carpet is squeezed to remove excess water. It is then placed in special spinners. Before moving on to the drying phase, the surface of the carpet is usually brushed and treated with softening products. The softeners have the task of softening the carpet and reviving the lustre of the fibres. The drying phase generally takes place at a constant temperature, and its duration depends on the size and density of the carpet.

More delicate carpets that cannot be washed with water can be dry cleaned. This involves special treatments that remove dust, stains and dirt without damaging the fibres.

Following these steps can help you not only to take care of your carpet, but also to enjoy its splendour day after day. In other words, enjoying your carpet as if you had just bought it. Cleaning is a must, allowing you to proudly open the doors of your home to family and friends.

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