The best furnishing styles to enhance designer rugs

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The best furnishing styles to enhance designer rugs

Designer rugs are a decisive element in decorating a home. In fact, depending on the structure of the room and interior design decisions, rugs can help define spaces, create a more refined or more informal atmosphere and, in general, act as a glue between the look and colors chosen for the furniture, accessories and furnishings.

To succeed in this, it is important that the design of the rugs and the style of furniture chosen for the room are consistent with each other. But how do you make these choices. We explain it in detail in this guide of ours.

Classic furniture styles and designer rugs: not only tradition…

In furniture styles that refer to the classical world, rugs are the center of attention and, often, are the element around which the decor of the living room and bedrooms revolves.

The combination of classic furniture and oriental rugs of large format is a solution widely tested and successful. But Persian rugs are not the only design solution that can be combined with traditional style furniture. Those who want to dare with some more original solution can opt for contemporary designer rugs, with bright colors. Or can opt for artifacts that have a color palette in harmony with the colors used in the rest of the house.

To stand out with a classic decor are especially hand-knotted rugs made of wool. Or even those made with a mixture of wool and silk fibers. Valuable alternatives, more contemporary and young, include the use of luxury woven or tafted rugs. The former, like kilims, have the advantage of being thin, colorful and manageable. On the other hand, the second ones are enveloping and can also take on very original shapes and aspects.

The best furnishing styles to enhance designer rugs

Modern furnishing styles and designer rugs: experimenting and daring are the watchwords!

In contemporary furniture styles, the expressive possibilities of customers and interior designers are greater than those offered by classic styles. The range of styles that can be referred to is wide and goes from the most essential styles, such as the Nordic one, to the most exuberant ones, such as the eclectic and maximalist ones.

The furnishings that succeed in enhancing designer rugs are those that ensure a good balance between the furniture and the rugs. Harmony must be found by experimenting with multiple solutions and finding the right element that makes each component of the furniture stand out.

In the most contemporary interior design choices, rugs are a central element of the furniture and are proposed in the most varied shapes and sizes. In large open-plan spaces, rugs are used to create functional areas within the rooms and, through colors and materials, give a distinctive character to each area. In smaller rooms, the carpet becomes the protagonist through its colors or texture.

Embossed textures, overlapping rugs and rugs with graphic design are just some of the many furnishing possibilities that can be considered in contemporary inspired projects.

Also in terms of materials, the possible combinations between rugs and modern furniture are numerous. A Nordic interior design can enhance a hand-knotted wool rug in the same way as a woven natural fiber rug. In a house furnished in a maximalist style, however, can find room for a long-pile carpet even in a very simple design. Alternatively, a hand-knotted wool rug with a particularly elaborate graphic design also makes a good impression.

For each style of furniture, you can suggest theoretical guidelines to follow. However, the real key to making a design impact is to experiment and dare with shades, details and patterns, even departing from the most immediate and safe solutions. A graphic design rug with intense colors can be enhanced by a Nordic decor, while a rug with an unusual shape could easily find a place in a room decorated in ethnic style. The only limit is the imagination.

The best furnishing styles to enhance designer rugs

Tailor-made solutions for the greatest possible customization

Sometimes, finding the rug that perfectly reflects the style you want for your home can be difficult. For this reason, when you know exactly what you want to achieve, requesting a custom rug is the best solution.

Through discussions between clients, interior designers and those who are in charge of the design of the rug, it is possible to design a truly unique product that matches the style of the furniture in the room and that translates the preferences of those who will live in that space every day.

The experience and advice of designers and decorators can also suggest alternative solutions to those initially considered. This means experimenting with shapes, patterns and colors that are in line with the main characteristics of the furnishing styles considered for your home.

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