Seagrass custom size rugs: what are they? How to choose the right piece for the individual room?

Materials and techniques May 02.2023
Seagrass custom size rugs

Seagrass custom size rugs are one of the most interesting options when it comes to products made from vegetable yarns and eco-friendly rugs .

In the production of this type of pattern, a yarn obtained from aquatic plants with exceptional properties is used. Thanks to the use of very strong fibres, these textiles withstand daily wear and tear, retain their shape and appearance over time and are also easy to clean and maintain. As they are environmentally friendly and sustainable, they are a perfect choice for those who want to reduce the environmental impact of their purchases.

Why opt for seagrass custom size rugs?

From a general point of view, seagrass carpets are made using a fibre that is obtained from aquatic plants. These grow in abundance on the seabed and along coastlines in tropical and subtropical regions as well as in the Mediterranean area.

The most commonly used seaweed for this type of processing is posidonia, which is characterised by its strength and workability. Once harvested, the posidonia leaves are dried completely in the sun and then a natural fibre is obtained , which is very strong but, at the same time, remains very soft to the touch. At this point, the seagrass fibre can be treated like any other fibre. It can therefore be left in its natural colour or it can be dyed and then used to create beautiful hand-knotted luxury carpets.

The aquatic plants from which the fibres used to make seagrass carpets grow wild, which means that the impact on the environment of these carpets is minimal. No pesticides or fertilisers are used to cultivate the plants, nor is carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

For all the above reasons, seagrass custom size rugs are an excellent solution for those who wish to furnish their homes in a sustainable way, using fibres from renewable sources and with a very low environmental impact.

What are all the advantages of seagrass custom size rugs?

Compared to models made from other natural fabrics, custom-made carpets made from seagrass are more resistant to wear, stains and moisture.

In fact, one of the main advantages of seagrass is that it is not damaged in damp environments or in the presence of water. This also means that these artefacts tend not to develop mould and fungus, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Seagrass custom size rugs can also be used in all interior spaces of the home. As they are easy to clean, they are ideal especially for fragile people such as children and the elderly or for people with allergies.

The fibres from posidonia also have extraordinary insulating properties. A seagrass carpet can both dampen noise and increase the thermal insulation of the room. Placing a large seagrass artefact in the room therefore helps to make the space cosy, quiet and warm.

Thanks to the combination of all these characteristics, seagrass custom size rugs prove to be suitable for furnishing every room in the house: if on balconies and patios the ability to resist moisture is most appreciated, in the bedroom or study the insulating capabilities are most appreciated.

All in all, seagrass custom size rugs are an excellent choice for home furnishing, both for those who have opted for ecological and sustainable furniture and for those who are looking for elegant and natural luxury carpets.

Seagrass custom size rugs

How to find the perfect custom-made seagrass carpet for your specific home or room?

Deciding to furnish with seagrass custom size rugs is advantageous from several points of view. Firstly, because of the possibility to customise the size, shape and colour of the carpet.

Each made-to-measure model is a unique piece, which not only adapts perfectly to the specific requirements of home furnishing, but acquires even more value precisely because of its uniqueness.

The elegant and neutral appearance of seagrass carpets means that these models can be used indifferently in traditionally or modernly furnished spaces, always creating a refined and coherent ambience.

Thanks to customisation, seagrass carpets can also be created with exclusive and detailed designs. Often, models made from seagrass fibres have an essential look that enhances the naturalness of the product. However, no one forbids the creation of a customised model rich in colour or with contrasting details.

One can decide, for example, to add borders to the carpet. Alternatively, one may choose to have a piece made using the weaving technique or to mix fibres with other plant-based yarns. These kinds of decisions allow for an increase in the degree of customisation of the product, but should in any case be taken with caution, to ensure that the end result is consistent with the characteristics of the space to be furnished. The point is to introduce seagrass custom size rugs into rooms that are in harmony with the styles of the individual home environment.

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