How to choose a luxury rug for the bathroom

Luxury rugs Feb 10.2021

how to choose a luxury rug for your bathroom

The bathroom can become a small private spa, the room in the house dedicated to relaxation and well-being. The carpet, with its softness and beauty, helps to make this room special, just as it does the rest of the house. 

The perfect bathroom carpet? Decorative and functional

The feeling of relaxation and softness you get when you place your bare feet on a soft rug at the end of a shower or bath is priceless. A luxury carpet, thanks to the use of high quality and safe fibres, can make this moment even more comfortable. 

Speaking of safety, in the bathroom this issue is particularly important and should not be underestimated. In this area of the home, it is important to choose a carpet that is non-slip and easy to clean, so as to prevent the development of fungi and bacteria. 

The strength of the fibres should also be carefully considered. The carpet in the bathroom is exposed to moisture, temperature changes and is used by the whole family. For these reasons, it is worth choosing a warm, high knot density carpet with a solid structure. 

The decorative aspect is just as important, because the carpet can make a big contribution to defining the style of the bathroom. Traditionally, light colours are preferred for the bathroom, ranging from white to light blue, reminiscent of the colour of water. However, beige is often the preferred colour. In recent years, however, more creative carpets in brighter colours have also found their way into what is considered the most intimate and private part of the house.

How to choose a bathroom carpet style

Even more than in the living room or bedroom, the carpet can make a strong impression on the identity of the bathroom. To find the perfect carpet for this room in your home, you need to start with the style of furniture you choose for your bathroom. 

For an elegant bathroom, full of marble and precious details, a carpet with soft colours is ideal, which underlines the refinement of the decorations and of the bathroom fittings, without stealing the scene. A long-pile model in undyed wool may be the best choice. 

In a modern bathroom, however, you can play with all the colours on the palette. A floral design is perfect if you want to give the room a light, spring-like atmosphere, while an abstract design can be the perfect choice for a bathroom where the furniture plays on contrasting lines and geometries. 

The style of the rug and the bathroom can also be slightly contrasting. For example, a bathroom with clean lines, light-coloured tiles and few coloured details can be brightened up with a colourful and elaborately designed carpet. 

Another possible solution to decorate the bathroom with a luxury carpet is to take the pattern used for the tiles and reproduce it in the carpet. This works very well with more or less elaborate geometric lines. Tiles with a pattern that repeats diagonal lines can be combined with a Berber carpet that repeats the same pattern. Tiles inspired by azulejos motifs can be combined with a traditional Portuguese luxury carpet. 

Other aspects to consider are the size and position of the carpet. In both cases, the choice depends on the size of the room and the layout of the bathroom fittings. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, it may be decided to place the luxury carpet in front of the bathtub or in front of the shower cubicle. But the design can also provide space for the carpet in front of an armchair or a bench, where you can sit comfortably and relax for a few minutes. 

A solution that is often adopted is a long, narrow rug, to be placed in front of the washbasin or bathtub. You can also consider putting several rugs in a coordinated set or all different rugs. In a large, bright bathroom, the luxury carpet can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of the room.

One thing is certain: whether it’s a rectangular rug, a round rug or a different shape, and whatever the shape and size of the bathroom, a luxury rug can bring a pleasant feeling of warmth and softness. And its presence helps to make your home unique.

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