Customised rugs for industrial style furniture

custom rugs Aug 10.2022

Thanks to custom-made rugs, even homes furnished in an industrial style can gain a personal and cosy touch. In large open spaces furnished with objects and details reminiscent of industrial environments, there is a well-founded risk of the atmosphere being cold and detached. By carefully selecting carpets, on the other hand, a lively and engaging space can be built.

On the other hand, depending on the interpretation you give to the style, each room can appear more romantic, sophisticated or contemporary. But let’s go into the topic in detail: let’s try to understand which are the best Customised rugs for industrial style furniture.

Customised rugs for industrial style furniture

How to choose the right customised rugs for industrial style furniture?

Industrial-style homes originated as recovery and conversion projects for disused factories and offices. From the United States, this type of living solution has also reached Europe and won the hearts of many interior design enthusiasts.

Due to their nature, these are very large spaces with high ceilings and illuminated by large windows. Spaces designed to house industries and production activities are also characterised by exposed pipes, brick walls and a heavy use of concrete.

The simultaneously rustic and sophisticated design of industrial space furnishing projects is so successful that the industrial style is also replicated in traditionally structured villas and flats.

Reflecting on the nature of the space to be furnished and its particularities helps to define the main characteristics a custom-made carpet must have. In general, in an industrial-inspired context, carpets complement the furniture and structure of the home and rarely take centre stage.

When requesting a custom-made carpet to be used to enrich the rooms of a house furnished in an industrial style, it is therefore necessary to bear all this in mind and choose accordingly the dimensions, materials and designs that are best suited to enhance the space.

Customised rugs for industrial style furniture

How to choose customised rugs for industrial style furniture based on the materials in the home

In order to identify the ideal characteristics of the custom-made carpet, it is advisable to make an inventory of the materials present in the home and, in particular, those that are the protagonists of the floors and walls.

In offices and industrial spaces, the most common floors are those in resin or cement and sometimes in unfinished wood. Cement, exposed brick and non-plastered walls, on the other hand, are the most common solutions for walls.

In addition to considering the types of materials and their appearance, when choosing the right Customised rugs for industrial style furniture, it is also important to consider the lighting system in the home. If there are large neon pendants that guarantee an optimal amount of light in every corner of the house, very dark carpets can also be chosen, while if there are wall lamps and soft lighting, lighter and more subtle colours will be preferable to prevent the atmosphere from becoming gloomy.

The identikit of the perfect customised rugs for industrial style furniture

When it comes to defining in detail the characteristics that carpets should have, there are many choices to be made. Usually, one starts by identifying the best materials, and then moves on to selecting the most suitable designs and colours for the project. Of course, the importance of the size of the carpet should not be underestimated, especially when furnishing open-plan industrial rooms that are very spacious.

In an industrial style home, the most suitable luxury carpets are hand-knotted wool carpets, but you can also opt for high quality bamboo or sisal carpets if you want to give the room a more natural look.
In large open-plan living rooms, several rugs can also be placed, with models in different shapes and sizes. Alternating a large rectangular carpet with smaller round or irregular carpets can give the space character and define different areas of the room.

In addition, as is only right, great attention should also be paid to the pattern of the carpet. To tastefully decorate an industrial-inspired room, one can turn towards contemporary art carpets with abstract designs or delicate geometric patterns, or one can opt for oriental carpets. In the first case, the result guaranteed by Customised rugs for industrial style furniture with a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, while the second solution is more suitable for those who wish to give their home a more cosy and warm look.

From the point of view of colours, the best choices for a truly unique décor are those that include warm shades, which are better able to blend with wood, metal and the other materials that distinguish the industrial style.

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