Unusual rugs: how are they made? How to incorporate them into an interior design project?

DesignHome Dec 15.2023
Unusual rugs

Furnishing a home with unusual rugs is undoubtedly a daring and fascinating choice that can transform home environments into unique spaces with an original design.

Through the use of textile artefacts that are out of the ordinary, one can actually express one’s personality more precisely. By doing so, you can give each room in the house a strong distinctive character. In this article, we will explain the reasons for this.


When is it worth using unusual rugs in the interior design of a room?

Within the interior design project, unusual rugs become central furniture elements, i.e. products that are able to capture attention and create a unique atmosphere in each room. In addition to fulfilling the typical functions of rugs, such as thermally insulating rooms, protecting floors and providing a soft surface to walk on, unusual rugs are also a powerful means of expression, which can be useful in communicating a particular lifestyle and aesthetic taste with immediacy.

Opting for one or more unusual rugs is an ideal choice for those who wish to break away from traditional canons and experiment with new shapes, colours and patterns. This kind of textile artefact is certainly an effective solution if you want to break conventional patterns and create an interior design that is out of the ordinary.

Those who choose to use unusual rugs to furnish their homes particularly appreciate their ability to create an ambience that tells their personal story. The interior design of spaces is not a simple room decoration, but the result of careful planning, in which each element has a precise meaning and contributes to defining the unique style of the inhabitants of the home.

Unusual rugs

What kind of unusual carpet to choose according to the decor of the room?

As we have said, furnishing with unusual rugs offers a broad spectrum of solutions for those who want to transform their home environments into unique and distinctive spaces. There are many options to consider and they all have to do with the shape, size, colour, style and workmanship of the rugs.

In most cases, rugs are unusual because of the shape they take. They may be less common than rectangular rugs, as in the case of oval  or round models, or they may be original and bold shapes, as is the case with many of the designer rugs  you can choose for your home.

A piece may also be unusual in size. While very large rugs are mainly used in the contract sector, for the furnishing of extra-large spaces, non-canonical sized pieces can successfully furnish villas, flats and private residences. Rugs that are unusual in size are almost always the result of a request for customisation.

As far as colours are concerned, the possibilities are many. They range from bold unusual colours, such as fluorescent colours, to original combinations of neutral shades and more sophisticated tones. A mix of unusual colours can create fascinating contrasts and create a vibrant ambience full of personality.

Style and workmanship are further elements to consider if you want to furnish with unusual rugs. Designer rugs, for example, can have unique patterns and fine details that make them true masterpieces, but they can also be made using different production techniques that give them a unique and striking texture.

Unusual rugs

How to furnish with one or more unusual rugs without making mistakes?

Furnishing with unusual rugs requires careful planning to ensure a harmonious and elegant result. Since these rugs are attention-grabbing elements, it is essential to carefully study their placement within the space.

To achieve a balanced environment, it is advisable to consider carpet and furniture as interconnected elements. Choosing furnishings that are consistent with or complementary to the carpet helps to create a harmonious and pleasant harmony. It is also important to avoid visual overloads or excessive contrasts that may disturb the overall balance.

A valuable tip? It is a good idea to select furniture and decoration according to the carpet, rather than the other way around. This approach allows the carpet to be integrated as a key element in the interior design, ensuring perfect stylistic continuity within the room.

The right balance between style, colours and materials is also essential. If the carpet features bright colours and bold patterns, the furnishings could be more neutral to allow the artefact to shine. On the other hand, if the carpet is more restrained, one can play with brighter furnishings to add visual interest.

To achieve a good end result, it is extremely important to avoid common mistakes. For example, make sure that the size of the piece is appropriate for the space, avoid placing furniture too close to the edges of the piece and pay attention to the direction of the carpet’s patterns to ensure that the arrangement is harmonious.

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