Rugs with flowers: how to choose them? How to match them to the furnishings in different rooms?

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Rugs with flowers
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Rugs with flowers are among the most popular options when it comes to furnishing accessories in textile form. They are as much so in traditionally furnished rooms as in contemporary ones.

This decorative motif has a history stretching back thousands of years and has profound meanings. Depending on the type of design in which it is placed, it can give the room a romantic, delicate or original look. Let us therefore learn more about this important category of artefacts.

What is the role of flowers in the tradition of luxury carpets?

In Oriental carpets, flowers are among the most common and recurring ornamental motifs. Used on their own, to decorate the field of the carpet, or in combination with other symbolic motifs, flowers feature prominently in various types of carpets, with varying degrees of distinction depending on the area of origin of the designs.

In Persian and Turkoman carpets, for example, the floral decorations are mostly differentiated between roses , rosettes and palmettes, while in traditional carpets produced in China, the reproduction of lotus flowers and peonies is common.

In Rugs with flowers from the East, the floral inserts not only had a decorative function, but also a precise symbolic meaning, often linked to religious culture. The lotus, for example, in Buddhist culture symbolises purity and wisdom. In much of the Middle East, on the other hand, floral artefacts are associated with the concept of the flower garden, symbolising paradise.

Some of the most popular decorative motifs in the East, such as the Boteh and Herati motifs, are also floral. The translation of the former term is often referred to as ‘group of leaves’ or ‘bouquet of flowers’. According to other interpretations, however, the Boteh motif represents cypresses. Used alone or in combination with other floral decorations, it is one of the best known and most successful motifs. In the Herati motif, on the other hand, flowers are the main protagonists. Specifically, they are arranged at the vertices and in the centre of the rhombuses that are drawn in the outer frame of the carpet or across the entire surface of the central field.

In addition to classic Rugs with flowers made in the Orient, floral patterns are also the protagonists of many contemporary textile artefacts. These patterns have been interpreted in very different ways by different designers, creating carpets with a romantic, rustic or sophisticated air.

Which rooms in the home should be decorated with Rugs with flowers?

Flowers and plants are probably the most versatile decorative elements of all. The reason for this? It’s simple: the variety of designs inspired by flowers makes it possible to successfully decorate every room in the house, starting from the entrance hall and ending with outdoor spaces.

In order to find the right carpet for each room, you need to identify the type of material best suited to that specific space and then reason about the type of flower and the best decoration to decorate the room, in order to meet your interior design goals.

And what about materials? For Rugs with flowers, wool and cotton yarns are usually used. In the most exclusive and prestigious manufactures, silk can also be added to the mix to make the final product even more precious and elegant.

In the bedroom and living area of the home, it is a good idea to include Rugs with flowers in small sizes and soft colours. These patterns give the room a romantic and delicate air, and also make the atmosphere very cosy.

Oriental carpets, on the other hand, with their intricate floral patterns and rich detailing, are best suited for a traditionally furnished living room or even to bring colour into the corridors of the home.

On the other hand, floral carpets with an abstract style pile are an excellent idea to complete the d├ęcor of rooms with contemporary furniture lines. They are also perfect whenever you want to add a touch of originality to your interior design.

Rugs with flowers

What are the best floral carpets for every room in the house?

While antique floral carpets of Oriental origin were made almost exclusively using the hand-knotting technique, modern floral carpets can be made using either the knotting or the taftatura technique, depending on the desired result.

When choosing a floral carpet, there are numerous aspects to consider. In addition to the type of yarn and the processing technique, which we have already discussed, it is also worth stopping to think about the size of the piece, its shape and its colours.

Those who want a piece with an unusual shape and a luxurious appearance can take inspiration, for example, from the Orchis and Hydrangea patterns created by designer Kiki van Eijk. The same designer created the original Rugs with flowers of the Savage Flowers line, which are made using a special processing technique that makes them resemble embroidery. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Withered Flower creation by Studio Job, a limited edition flower carpet that is more traditional in form but boasts an interesting contemporary design.

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