Rug size for u shaped sectional? A complete guide to choosing dimensions

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Rug size for u shaped sectional

In today’s article, we will discuss the rug size for u shaped sectional. We will give the best advice for not getting the measurements wrong, so as to be able to fit into the home – whatever it may be – the ideal textile artefact for the specific furnishing requirements.

Practical and elegant, the rug for the corner sofa is indeed a real must-have to complete the furnishings of the living room. Such an artefact not only delimits the space dedicated to the furniture, but also protects the floor from scratches or damage. Not least, it contributes to making the atmosphere more welcoming.

In addition to this, if you opt for a high-quality carpet , made of a warm and soft material, the comfort level increases even more and the ideal conditions are created for you to relax and enjoy. Much, however, lies in choosing the right carpet size. Because an error of judgement on the measurements could lead to a sub-optimal aesthetic result.

Rug size for u shaped sectional: what choices to make?

As mentioned, the use of a corner sofa rug offers numerous advantages, which go far beyond the aesthetic aspect. One of the main benefits one can enjoy, thanks precisely to the presence of the artefact, is a better definition of space in the location.

In this sense, adding a rug in the area occupied by the sofa allows the relaxation area within the living room to be clearly delimited. Especially in a large room, having a visual boundary helps make the area more cohesive and organised. For this to happen, it is important first of all to choose a high-quality carpet, even better if it is made of durable materials .

Rug size for u shaped sectional

Step-by-step guide to choosing a rug size for u shaped sectional

That being said, what can be said about the rug size for u shaped sectional? In order to create a made-to-measure design that is actually the correct one, it is important to first consider the shape and size of the sofa itself. Indeed, as is only natural, the dimensions of the textile cannot disregard those of the furniture to which it is matched.

More generally, we would like to share what is Nodus’ guide to rug size for u shaped sectional. Here, then, are the instructions to be followed and, above all, the different steps that lead to the identification of the manufactured article model that proves to be the most suitable:

– Measure the length of the corner sofa. This is a simple operation, as long as you remember that the measurement must be taken along the external profile of the sofa, thus including any armrests.

– Measure the width of the corner sofa. This operation, which is fundamental for precisely defining the rug size for u shaped sectional, is also quite simple. Here too: just be careful to include any armrests in the count. By the way, this measurement will already give a fairly precise idea of what the maximum width of the rug will be.

– Consider the shape of the sofa. What is a corner sofa? A piece of furniture with two parts that extend in two different directions. Consequently, in order not to make a wrong choice of carpet, it is a good idea to measure the length and width of both sections of the furniture separately, so as to take dimensions that are as accurate as possible.

– Take into account the space around the furniture. In fact, you might decide that the carpet should only cover the sofa area. Alternatively, one could choose to have the artefact extend even further. In this second case, it will also be essential to measure the area exceeding the furniture, to ensure that the artefact is truly adequate in size. In short: with regard to the rug size for u shaped sectional , one can opt for a piece that has a square footage equal to the area of the furniture as well as for a piece that is oversized.

What is right or wrong to do? There is no a priori ideal choice. It all depends on the interior design project, but also on the client’s taste. In fact, the rug size for u shaped sectional actually also involves personal taste: there are those who like one solution and those, on the contrary, who definitely lean towards another. As is always the case, it is the final effect that must guide both the professionalism of the designer and the taste of the customer.

Rug size for u shaped sectional

What are the best carpets for corner sofas? And what sizes are they?

As we have seen, carpets for corner sofas are a great way to embellish and complete the decor of a living room or lounge. However, in order to achieve a “wow effect”, it is essential to choose the right pattern.

Carpets with geometric patterns, for example, are perfect if you want to add a touch of modernity and dynamism to the room, especially if the corner sofa has a light-coloured upholstery or in a neutral tone.

With regard to colours, it is important to choose those that match the sofa and the room in which it is located. If there is a sofa in a bright colour in the room, you can opt for a rug in a neutral tone, thus creating a pleasant colour contrast. Conversely, if the sofa is in a neutral colour, it is advisable to choose an artefact with a bright colour or a floral or geometric pattern to attract attention.

A final tip on rug size for u shaped sectional. What if… instead of one rug there were two? It’s not such a far-fetched idea, and we’ll tell you why. Since this piece of furniture forms a corner – there could be more, but here we refer to the simplest configuration – you could combine the first sofa segment with an artefact and the second sofa segment with another rug, even a completely different one. Here is a certainly original and very creative solution, which also solves the question of dimensions!

We have come to the end of Nodus’ guide to rug size for u shaped sectional. Whatever your design choice, we still suggest that you seek advice from those who have been in the carpet business for years and years. Only then can you be sure of making the best decision for your case.

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