The best rugs: a guide to choosing the ideal luxury rug for different needs

DesignLuxury rugs Nov 22.2022
best rugs

Identifying the best rugs to furnish your home with requires careful analysis of the space to be furnished and questioning the desires and style that you want to give the room.

Depending on the needs that emerge from this analysis, one can conclude that the best rugs for the home are custom-made models or that one can rely on designer rugs. It is equally important to take into account the particularities of the different areas of the home and to choose, accordingly, the models of luxury artefacts that are most suitable for each area of the home.

What are the best luxury rugs for a home?

The rugs that are best for a home are those that fit ideally into the environment. Specifically, the right carpet has the optimum size, the correct thickness, a design that enhances the rest of the furnishings, the most suitable material for the characteristics of the room and a style that is consistent with that of the whole house.

The alternatives available to interior designers are diverse and, as always in these cases, depend primarily on what they want to achieve. For example, wool rugs are the optimal choice for those who need luxury rugs that are mainly long-lasting. For those who wish to have rugs with a lustrous and luxurious finish in their home, on the other hand, the best rugs are those made of silk or viscose.

Sometimes it is the furnishing style chosen for the home that guides the choice, as is the case with eco-friendly furnishings. In this case, the rugs that are the best choice are those made from natural materials and with sustainable processing systems.

If, on the other hand, one has very precise and detailed requirements, custom-made rugs are the most appropriate solution. Through a customised project, you can in fact obtain a unique piece, designed specifically for your reality.

From all this, it follows that it is not possible to identify a priori the best carpet, because every reality is different and every home environment has its own particularities, which must be taken into account.

What to do then? A small guide can be drawn up. For example, let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the best rugs to furnish two of the most important rooms in the home: the living room and the bedroom.

What are the best rugs for the living room?

The ideal living room carpet must first and foremost be durable. The living room is in fact the busiest room in the house and is the space where guests are welcomed. In this room, it is necessary to place a solid artefact with a firm structure that also resists stains well.

Knotted wool rugs are excellent for furnishing the living room: they have a strong structure, are easy to clean and are available in a wide variety of designs. Styles, shapes and sizes can be customised to fit in with the furniture in the room to achieve a great result.

If you want to give a traditional look to the room, you can go for a rectangular rug, while if you want a slightly more original decor, you can choose an oval or abstract shaped rug.

When selecting the best living room rugs, one must remember that balance should not only be sought with the furniture, but also with the floors, walls and home textiles. From this point of view, the design and colours of the individual item must be chosen carefully to best reflect the characteristics of the style you want to give your living room.

best rugs

What are the best rugs for the bedroom?

Finding the ideal rugs to complete the decor of a bedroom is a delicate task. In this room, in fact, the stylistic and chromatic balance between furniture and furnishing accessories is fundamental to create an atmosphere that promotes complete relaxation.

To furnish rooms, rugs made of warm materials such as wool and with workmanship that enhances their softness are preferable. In addition to knotted rugs, taftati and long-pile rugs can also be considered. The latter two options are particularly ideal for rugs that are to be placed on the sides of the bed.

As for the shape to be given to the rug, the rectangular format is the one most frequently found in the bedroom. If the room is furnished with furniture with square lines, the rigidity of the shapes can be softened with a round carpet or a model with irregular lines.

When furnishing a bedroom, the best rugs are those whose colours and design match the room perfectly. Contemporary art rugs are often the right solution for even the most complex furnishing projects. With their mix of colours and extraordinary quality, they are truly to be considered as the best rugs for furnishing bedrooms best rugs of all styles and sizes.

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