Which luxury carpets for a vintage-style home?

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Which luxury carpets for a vintage-style home

Vintage furniture always wins over a large number of people who are asked to furnish a new house or renovate their home. The strength of this style lies in the uniqueness of the furnishings that can be created. It is a style that does not follow precise rules, but combines several elements from different eras to create an ambience with a strong character and a very special feel. Luxury carpets can amplify the final effect and underline even more the accuracy of the choices made.

The discreet charm of vintage furniture

When we talk about vintage furniture, we don’t necessarily mean antique furniture. The term vintage includes all furniture, objects and furnishings that are at least twenty years old. In most cases, the highlights of vintage furniture come from the 1950s and 1970s. This is no coincidence: these two decades marked a turning point in the history of 20th century interior design and produced furniture with elegant lines that still decorate rooms with great taste today.

The possibility of juxtaposing and combining furniture even from different eras and each characterised by its own design is a great opportunity to create extremely personalised furnishings. This style is ideal for those who want to make the house a place that can best tell the tastes and, in some cases, even a bit of history of those who live there.

Old family furniture can be used to furnish a house in vintage style, especially if you have a nice table for the living room or a large luxury wardrobe. A good alternative is to browse through antique markets or flea markets, looking for unique pieces that are still in excellent condition. Regardless of where they come from, vintage furniture has a durable and solid structure, in many cases the work of carpenters and craftsmen.

The best luxury carpets to complete your vintage décor

The carpet is usually the element that completes the jigsaw puzzle and allows you to have an overview of the furnishing project of the individual rooms in the house. When you choose to decorate your rooms with vintage furniture and accessories, choosing the perfect carpet that can ensure perfect harmony between all the elements in the room is even more important than in other cases.

When choosing a carpet you can opt for an antique or vintage model or you can go for a luxury contemporary art carpet.

The first choice is particularly indicated when furniture has been chosen in neutral, pastel or light colours. Inserting a Persian or Turkish carpet in this context, characterised by the repetition of traditional motifs, warms the atmosphere and brings colour.

If you want a more striking décor, you can dare to choose a carpet with a modern design. Although at first glance vintage furniture and contemporary luxury carpets may seem worlds apart and not very compatible, it is actually not a risk to combine furniture that is a few decades old with ultra-contemporary carpets with a cutting-edge design.

This choice is perfect if the final objective is to transport the vintage objects selected to furnish the rooms into the present. A modern luxury carpet is the ideal solution in all cases where the carpet needs to be able to act as a glue between all the shades of colour chosen for the decor of the room.

The choice of the right luxury carpet also depends on the characteristics of the room. In the lounge and living room it is important to ensure that the combination of the carpet and the furniture gives the room a coherent and balanced look.

In the bedroom, the carpet should primarily provide a warm and cosy atmosphere. In this area of the house you can opt for a lively carpet with a patchwork design or for a soft Berber carpet, to be combined with the chosen fine furniture.

It is no coincidence that the term vintage was originally used to refer to the finest vintage wines. Today, in interior design we talk about vintage in reference to sophisticated and elegant furniture and decorations which, with the right luxury contemporary art rugs, can show themselves in all their splendour.

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