Luxury carpets and pets: tips and tricks

Luxury rugs Jan 20.2021

luxury carpets and pets

Dogs, cats and other pets are, to all intents and purposes, members of the family, and their needs should also be taken into account when choosing a carpet. With a few small steps, you can furnish your home with luxury carpets even when your pets are present. 

Elegant, scratch-and-stain-proof carpets

The claws of cats, the restlessness of puppies and the playfulness of dogs of all ages may seem incompatible with a carpet, especially a luxury carpet. In reality, there are good options and simple measures that can be taken to ensure that everyone, including pets, can enjoy the space at home to the fullest. 

When you have pets, regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet becomes even more important. Vacuuming daily will remove dust and hair from the surface. This not only preserves the natural beauty of the carpet fibres, but also avoids potential respiratory problems for pets, which can be bothered by dust. 

In the case of stains, it is important to act promptly by dabbing the affected area with absorbent paper and possibly a mild, carpet-specific detergent. If the stain persists or is particularly noticeable, professional cleaning can make the carpet look as good as new. 

If you have lively animals or small cats in your home, a short-haired carpet is preferable to a long-haired carpet. This prevents your pet’s nails from digging into the wool, creating scratches or tears, and reduces the risk of the carpet catching odours.

A short pile carpet is also easier to clean and less prone to stains. To avoid endangering the carpets in your home and your pets, choose carpets without fringes or visible threads. These would be an irresistible temptation for your pets, who could even hurt themselves by tripping over or getting caught in the threads.

Not only can pets and luxury carpets coexist in the home, but their coexistence can bring unexpected benefits. Especially large carpets, which cover most of the floor in the room, are ideal for allowing pets to run around and have fun without the risk of slipping. In addition, thicker wool carpets can dampen noise and make the home even more comfortable.

Which colour to choose?

The colour of the carpet is one of the most important aspects to consider. In a house with one or more pets, there is a higher risk of accidents occurring that end up staining the carpet than in a house without pets. 

Beige and brown carpets are the easiest and safest choice if you want to disguise any stains caused by the presence of pets. Another good option is to choose a carpet that is similar in colour to your pet’s hair, so that any hairs are not particularly visible. 

An Oriental-inspired carpet is another alternative to consider. It is easy to find the perfect carpet for your home and your style among the countless designs. Those who like classic designs can opt for a carpet in blue, red or golden yellow. Those who prefer simpler or more original designs can choose a carpet that combines contemporary and traditional Oriental elements. A Moroccan carpet with a minimalist design is a perfect compromise between old-fashioned luxury and modernity.

A very colourful carpet is also a good option to make sure that small or large stains do not end up being the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer. A luxury carpet with an abstract design and made in bright colours will perfectly conceal any stains or marks on the carpet. 

How do pets and delicate carpets live together?

Even though luxury carpets and animals can get along well, there are still carpets that are not very pet-friendly. 

We are referring to extremely delicate luxury carpets, such as those made of silk. They are not recommended in rooms where cats and dogs live, for example. This does not mean that you should not choose these carpets for your home. The most delicate carpets can be placed in the bedroom, study or other rooms that are less frequented by animals. Hanging the finest luxury carpets on the wall is also a good solution, allowing you to appreciate their beauty every day without fear of them being ruined.

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