5 types of custom rugs ideal for the entrance area

custom rugs Apr 14.2022

5 types of custom rugs ideal for the entrance area

The entry area is the first point of contact that guests have with the house. Therefore, furnishing it with a luxury custom rug helps both to make the space look elegant and to anticipate the style they will find in the other rooms.

The ideal models for this environment are those that balance the practical and functional aspects with the decorative ones. Let’s now take a look at five types of prestige rugs that can be successfully placed in the entrance area. 

A large Berber carpet 

Berber rugs, with their simple but impressive design, are a great idea to decorate the entrance of a house. A custom rug inspired by the classic Berber geometric design is ideal in homes decorated in a contemporary and Nordic style. 

The contrast between the black and white wool and the geometric lines give a modern and cozy look to the space. The design can easily be customized and offered with other color combinations that are more in line with the palette chosen for the home. 

A runner with a geometric pattern 

In narrow and long entrances, a runner is the best solution. The elongated shape of the carpet visually accompanies guests to discover the rest of the house and welcomes them in an unobtrusive way. 

For custom runners, geometric designs, even very elaborate, are a good idea. The presence of straight or curved lines conveys an idea of movement and invites guests to advance from the threshold of the house. The runner can be placed in the center of the entrance hallway or can be off-center, to bring out the presence of a console, a small sofa or a chest. 

A round rug made of plant fibers

Round rugs are an interesting option for decorating spacious entryways. The circular shape of the carpet gives the idea of movement and dynamism. Such a carpet has a cozy look and, at the same time, gives personality to the space. 

Yarns of plant origin, such as cotton, jute or sisal, provide good durability and give the carpet a very natural look. These materials are a great choice for those who have decided to decorate their home in an eco-friendly way, but they are also ideal for homes decorated in a Nordic or rustic style.

5 types of custom rugs ideal for the entrance area

A two-tone carpet

The carpet for the entrance is indeed functional, but also plays an important decorative function. Those who do not want to give up giving a little color to the environment can choose to decorate the entrance with a two-tone carpet. Together with the designer you can find the best combination of colors and you can define the space to be dedicated to each shade. 

The combinations are endless and you can easily find the perfect configuration to give personality to the space and create a cozy and comfortable entryway. When choosing colors, you can use the best shades to bring out the features of the entryway or you can take a cue from the colors used in nearby rooms. This second solution is particularly suitable if it is an open entrance that overlooks the living area. 

An abstract or irregular shaped carpet

Those who are looking for an original decor could think of resorting to a custom rug of abstract shape. Projects of this type are often proposed in contemporary homes and help to give a special look to the entrance. 

These models have a strong personality, they stand out and, precisely for this reason, require the presence in the house of furniture and accessories with an equally strong design, which are able to balance the attention given to the carpet. 

What should the perfect entryway custom rug look like?

Furnishing the entryway in the best possible way is a challenge for interior designers. While the other rooms of the house have a precise identity, the entrance is a space of passage and, in the furniture choices, you have to find the balance point between functional needs and constraints related to the style that characterizes the neighboring rooms. 

Other important aspects to consider are related to the layout and materials of the rugs for the entrance. For carpets to be placed near the front door of the house, it is preferable to choose models with a compact and durable structure. From this point of view, the best choice is represented by wool carpets or carpets made of plant fibers knotted by hand. 

The ideal carpet, moreover, is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Even if you take off your shoes when you enter the house, the carpet placed in front of the door tends to get dirty much more easily than all other artifacts in the house. If it is made of fine fibers and with colors that camouflage stains, it will be easy to keep it clean and it will always look good. 

Finally, when you choose to furnish the entrance of the house with a custom carpet – but this applies in general to any carpet – you must remember to include a non-slip backing, which reduces the risk of getting hurt by falling or stumbling. 

Deciding to furnish the entrance with a custom-made carpet simplifies things a lot, because it allows you to always create a unique product, which enhances the space to the maximum. 

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