Luxury carpet trends in 2021

luxury carpets in 2021

What are the trends that will change the role of luxury carpets in our homes in 2021? If 2020 was the year in which, like it or not, the amount of time spent indoors increased, 2021 is likely to be the year in which the changes and innovations desired and imagined in the previous twelve months are put to good use. 


The ideal time in history to fully express your style

Never before has the home been so central to our lives as in 2020. For many people, the home has become a place to work, a place to relax, a place to pursue their hobbies and even a gym. Time spent in the home is a valuable opportunity to understand what works well in the home and what could be renewed, to enhance the potential of the home and to make it more welcoming and comfortable than ever. 

The historical period we are living in, which forces us to reduce social interactions and multiply home moments, is ideal for working to ensure that the rooms in the home perfectly reflect one's personal style. 

Luxury carpets can be a great help to those who want to renovate their homes. Or if you want to make a few changes here and there to make the rooms feel more like home. The furnishing trends for 2021 tell us of very precise choices, made to characterise the home in an unmistakable way. 

There is a growing demand for modern carpets, chosen by those who want a home that conveys a message of contemporaneity and attention to novelty. Another trend that will be very popular in 2021 is modern carpets in Scandinavian style. This solution is particularly suitable for a home with a young spirit, which focuses on light colours and essential lines. 

Ethnic carpets are also on the rise, as they are a great way to add colour and tell a story. An ethnic carpet is also a great way to travel - with your imagination or your memories - to distant and fascinating worlds.


The revenge of the classics

One of the most obvious trends in furniture choices for 2021 is the return of luxury Oriental carpets. This may seem like a contradiction, considering the furniture choices that focus on modern and contemporary carpets, but it is not. 

Oriental luxury carpets are a trendy solution in the new year for furnishing rooms that can maintain their charm over time. These furnishing elements can be used both in one's main home and in second homes, places naturally dedicated to spending relaxing and carefree moments with the whole family.


A luxury carpet in every room to give personality to the whole house

In 2021, carpets will appear in every room of the house, and outside too! The entrance area, veranda, hallways, walk-in wardrobe and even the bathroom can be enhanced with a luxurious carpet. 

The right carpet can be the perfect ally for those who want to renovate one or more rooms in the house, but without having to do any major work. The carpet, for example, can draw attention away from a floor that has little personality or is slightly damaged. For a successful result it is advisable to choose a luxury carpet that has a pattern and colours that are consistent with the type of floor in the room and the colour of the walls. 

Bathroom and outdoor carpets will be the focus of interior design in 2021. If the bathroom becomes a small private spa, the patio or garden of the house becomes an extension of the home. A place to retreat to whenever the temperature permits. 

To make the bathroom special, we recommend luxury carpets with soft textures and moisture-resistant fabrics and finishes. For a cover-to-cover result, colours and shapes should also be consistent with the overall atmosphere of the room. For example, choosing a modern round rug or an abstract shaped rug can help to add a touch of originality. And it can help bring all the elements back into balance. 

Softness, moisture resistance and character are also characteristics that a luxury carpet should have for outdoor use. For this area of the home, the trends for 2021 are for strong colours and geometric or floral patterns.


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