Oversized rugs: how to choose and match them

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Oversized rugs: how to choose and match them

Oversized rugs are naturally suited to large open spaces such as open-plan living areas or lofts, but they can also be used in professional environments to add personality, colour and exceptional comfort.

Rugs are a long-lasting investment, so they should be chosen with great care. Here is some advice on how to find the best extra-large rugs for different types of rooms and how to match them for a real wow factor.

Sizes, colours and room styles: everything you need to consider when choosing an extra-large carpet

Extra-large (also known as XL) rugs are large in size and often have a striking appearance. If you do not choose the desired characteristics of the carpet carefully, you run the risk of obtaining an unattractive or aesthetically unpleasant result.

When deciding to place an extra-large luxury carpet in your home or office, it is necessary to start with the size of the room. XL rugs are ideal for very large spaces, typically open spaces or lofts. In this type of room, a carpet that is larger than standard size fits perfectly. Because it succeeds in decorating the space and ensuring harmony with the other elements of the furniture.

A small carpet, placed in an open-plan environment, runs the risk of being lost in the whole and the environment may appear unfinished and incomplete. Conversely, placing an extra-large carpet in a small room risks giving the room a suffocating atmosphere. Finding the right balance between the size of the room and the size of the carpet is therefore the first thing to do.

In large spaces, even very colourful oversized rugs can be used, as long as the colour tones chosen for the carpet are consistent with those of the furniture and accessories and, more generally, with the style of d├ęcor in which the room has been furnished.

Generally speaking, the use of large rugs in light colours or neutral tones helps to brighten up the room and allows the space to be perceived as even larger. Intense and dark colours make the atmosphere warm and cosy and put the carpet at the centre of everyone’s attention.

Oversized rugs: how to choose and match them

How to match XL luxury rugs so you don’t go wrong

Even more so than in small rooms, in open-plan environments it is essential to consider the success of the combination of carpet and floor. These two elements must work in unison to enhance the characteristics of the space and bring out the strengths of the furniture. This can be the carpet itself, but also the furniture or design accessories around which the design is built.

The choice of carpet is influenced by both the material and the colour of the floor. Houses with delicate floors such as parquet or marble need high-quality luxury rugs, while floors made of ornate tiles should be balanced with rugs with simple designs and neutral tones.

The extra-large carpet can also be combined with accessories in the room, such as cushions and curtains. A good way to create a harmonious result is to choose a carpet model whose colours reflect those used for the accessories and furnishings in the room.

Oversized rugs: how to choose and match them

Why it is a good idea to furnish with an extra-large luxury rug

As well as providing a visual balance between the size of the room and the furnishings, an extra-large carpet has several other advantages. First of all, it can be useful for demarcating different areas of the room. Using a large carpet alongside smaller rugs is a practical and efficient way to characterise space in an open-plan environment.

The advantages of using an XL luxury carpet are also practical. Rugs have an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation capacity. The presence of a large carpet in the room therefore results in a quiet and warm environment, inviting relaxation.

The choice of the texture of the extra-large carpet is crucial: the thickness and softness of the pattern influences not only how the carpet looks, but also how it feels during use. A long pile wool carpet is soft and ideal for those who like to walk barefoot, while a satin carpet is more suitable if there are animals and children in the house. A satin carpet is also suitable if you want to minimise the risk of tripping.

Extra-large rugs can successfully furnish large living areas, lofts and bedrooms that also include walk-in wardrobes. The secret of a successful furnishing project lies in finding the perfect harmony between the dimensions, colours and patterns of the XL carpet and the characteristics of the room and the furnishing choices.

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