How to choose the right rug according to the environment

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How to choose the right rug according to the environment

In order for the furnishing of the house to be harmonious and to best convey the prestige of the family, it is important to choose rugs that, for shape and size, are suitable for the environment in which they are inserted.

For example, a small rug inserted in a large room risks going unnoticed. On the contrary, a carpet that is oversized compared to the room in which it is inserted ends up shrinking the room. So here are a few simple rules to follow to choose the right rug for each room in the house.

In search of the right harmony between the size of the room and the size of the carpet

One of the main tasks of a luxury carpet is to enhance the room in which it is placed. To achieve this, there must be a balance between the overall space of the room and the surface covered by the carpet. 

So how can you make each of your home spaces prestigious and special? First of all, take into account the size of the single room to be furnished. A rug can be the perfect complement to the furnishings of a small living room or a large living room, but also the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. Whether in a living room, bedroom or hallway, make sure that the carpet covers the floor area without touching the wall. The opposite would be a mistake.

The size of the room influences both the shape and the size of the carpet. They also generally influence all other decisions concerning furniture. As for the choice of carpet, an unwritten rule is that the carpet should be the same shape as the room. A square carpet in a square room and a rectangular carpet in a rectangular room certainly ensure a harmonious result. But contemporary luxury carpets multiply the possibilities for furnishing, with unique circular or abstractly shaped pieces.

So what then? How can one orientate oneself in this wide range of possibilities? The good news is that there is the perfect luxury carpet for every room in the house. In the dining room, the carpet should cover the area occupied by the table and chairs, leaving enough space at the sides to move the chair away from the table without any problems. Generally, a space of about 35-40 centimetres on each side is sufficient. If there is an extendable table in the living room, which is useful if more people are invited than the usual number, this should be taken into consideration when choosing the product. 

Organising a party at home and finding yourself with a table that exceeds the size of the rug is a mistake never to be made. Therefore, when taking measurements, you must always remember to consider the maximum size of the dining table. 

When placed in a living room, the rug is able to express its full potential. In combination with the sofa, armchairs and other furniture elements, it gives the room an enchanting look. The ideal size of the carpet for the living room should be defined both according to the size of the room and the furniture chosen. 

A large living room in an open space leaves many possibilities of choice. For example, you can opt for a large rectangular rug, which also visually separates the living area from the rest of the house, and covers the area occupied by the sofa and armchairs. But you can also choose a rug with an irregular shape, to be placed in the centre of the room. 

For the bedroom, the same considerations apply. To choose the size of the rug, you always start with the size of the room. A contemporary luxury carpet should ideally cover the entire area occupied by the bed and bedside tables. If you want to give the room a little more breathing space, you can choose a slightly shorter luxury carpet model. We mean a piece that leaves a third of the bed area free. 

In the other bedrooms of the house you can dare more. You can even decide to keep the floor bare and attach a luxury carpet to the wall. Or you can opt to furnish only the side spaces of the bed by placing two different carpets. 

Whatever your choice, a luxury carpet brings warmth to the room and provides a pleasant atmosphere. It creates a perfect space to enjoy moments of relaxation in solitude or to share with loved ones.

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