Rugs to sit on: what characteristics do they have? When to include them in a furnishing project?

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Rugs to sit on

In today’s interior design, the carpet – whether standard or custom-made  – is no longer just a simple decorative element. In fact, thanks to the possibility of choosing from a huge variety of materials, workmanship and styles, the textiles on the market are able to add comfort and warmth to any environment, whether home or commercial.

To best appreciate these qualities, one can consider furnishing the home with rugs to sit on. Made of soft, enveloping fabrics, these pieces are suitable for furnishing different spaces and are perfect when there are children in the home.

What are the characteristics of rugs to sit on? And how do you choose the most suitable seating rugs room by room?

The soft textures and enveloping colours of rugs to sit on can create a cosy ambience and warm any space in the home.

The user experience provided by seating rugs is much richer and much more engaging than that provided by a standard piece. When we stop to think about luxury rugs, we associate with this type of product concepts of aesthetic beauty, but also softness and pleasantness to the touch. For pieces that are also designed for people to sit on, all these sensations are greatly amplified.

Seating rugs can be found in different rooms of the home. One can choose such a piece in the presence of children, for example, but also if there are animals in the house.

To find the right carpet for your furnishing project, the first thing to think about is the size of the product. Indeed, the perfect carpet should fit ideally in the available space, being proportionate to the size of the room and able to visually fill the space it is intended for.

Other important factors to consider? We can mention the material and the feel of the carpet when it comes into contact with the skin. From this point of view, the solutions that guarantee the most pleasant result are those made of wool, cotton or other vegetable fibres.

Rugs to sit on are also an excellent solution when there is a hard floor. In this case, the carpet provides good thermal insulation and excellent soundproofing. This means that children are free to play and run around even barefoot: the softness of the fibres makes it comfortable, while the structure dampens noise.

How can a seating mat be integrated into the environment?

Integrating a carpet into its surroundings requires a certain amount of attention, to ensure that the piece is perfectly coherent with the other elements in the room. 

A pastel-coloured carpet, for example, evokes feelings of relaxation and tranquillity. Such a pattern is suitable for both bedrooms and a living room or lounge and can balance a lively and original décor.

Within the range of rugs to sit on, it is also possible to find models with a bolder style. Such a solution is ideal for brightening up the décor of a room where neutral colours predominate and for turning the carpet into the focal point of the room.

Rugs to sit on

When deciding to furnish with a carpet with the intention of using it to sit on, it is very important to consider the type of material from which the product is made and the ease with which it can be cleaned. The cleanliness and hygiene of rugs is indeed a priority, especially when there are children, people with health problems or animals in the home.

Seating rugs can be cleaned with a hoover, which should be vacuumed daily if the product is located in a busy area or every other day if it is located in a less frequented area of the home.

How to use rugs to sit on in the domestic space?

Any other tips on this category of artefacts? We can say that the rooms in the home where it is most appropriate to place a textile to sit on are the bedrooms and the living room. In both locations, rugs allow you to create a corner that invites you to stop and relax.

The way in which this type of textile product can be used in home furnishing depends very much on the type of interior design one has chosen to adopt. In a home furnished according to Western standards, the carpet to sit on will be used mainly by children and pets.

In a home where the furnishings are inspired by the oriental world, on the other hand, there are more opportunities to use rugs to sit on. Such an artefact, for example, can be placed under a low table and become a place to have a quick meal or to sit and chat with friends.

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