Tribal home rugs : what do they look like? Step-by-step choice guide

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Tribal home rugs

Investing in tribal home rugs allows you to add decorative elements with a strong distinctive character, but it also allows you to enrich your home space with furniture of great historical and craftsmanship value.

These carpets gather the heritage of distant cultures and are the fruit of ancient traditions that have come down to us. Elegant and durable, tribal home rugs  are perfect if you are looking for furniture that is both functional, aesthetically pleasing and will capture the attention of guests.

What are tribal home rugs ?

Tribal carpets  are textile artefacts that were made by nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples belonging to various tribes, mostly from Central Asia or the Middle East. Among the best-known and most popular tribal carpets are, for example, Turkmen, Kurdish patterns and Qashqai carpets from an area between Iran and Turkey.

Each of the artefacts is a unique pattern, but looking at the pieces made over time one can see some common characteristics. Firstly, the use of geometric patterns and bright colours is frequent in tribal carpets.

This is not the end of the story. Tribal home rugs  are made entirely by hand. The making of these textiles was traditionally entrusted to the women of the tribe, who used wool from the sheep or goats owned by the community. The hair of the animals was sheared, carded and processed to create the yarn to be used for the carpets. The wool was often dyed using plants, flowers or dyes obtained from nature.

The technique of making tribal carpets has remained unchanged for centuries, as have the traditional designs and colour combinations. Thanks to the fact that knowledge of tribal carpet production has been passed down from generation to generation, we can still enjoy the beauty of these artefacts of enormous artistic and historical value today.

When to choose a tribal carpet for interior design?

There are several cases in which a tribal carpet may prove to be the right choice for interior design. Typically, these textile artefacts work very well when you want to balance the simplicity of a minimalist interior and want to bring a touch of colour and warmth into the room. Tribal carpets, with their geometric patterns and vivid colours, do very well to warm up the atmosphere in all those spaces that are characterised by sober and linear furnishings: carpets can thus become the eye-catcher without overloading the space.

Another observation. Tribal home rugs  also fit perfectly into rooms furnished in an ethnic, oriental or tribal style. By ensuring a certain continuity between furniture and decoration, they create harmonious and well-balanced spaces.

We have already mentioned that each tribal carpet is a unique piece, handcrafted using traditional techniques that have been adapted according to the tribe of origin. The quality of these carpets is high, but can obviously vary depending on the processing techniques used, the area of origin and the materials used.

Tribal home rugs

How do you find the right tribal home rugs ?

The search for the right tribal carpet for one’s home involves analysing several aspects of the individual product, starting with its durability and ending with its appearance.

One of the first elements to consider is the yarn from which the carpet is made. In most cases, tribal home rugs  are made from high quality wool. This gives the piece extraordinary durability and a fine appearance, making it perfect for all spaces in the home where the rug is highly visible, even if the level of traffic is high.

If you want a piece that is durable and comfortable, it is then also useful to check the thickness of the product. A kilim-type tribal carpet, for example, is made using the weaving technique and is very light and reversible. On the contrary, a knotted carpet is heavier and more stable and less practical to handle in the event of moving.

Decorative patterns are another key aspect in choosing the right tribal carpet. Some motifs are characteristic of specific tribes, while others, such as floral patterns, have spread over wide geographical areas. Knowing the origin and meaning of the symbols and patterns used in different rugs can help you choose a pattern that not only fits aesthetically in your home, but also carries a unique history and tradition.

Finally, the colour palette of the carpet should be consistent with the colours used in the rest of the furniture, furnishings and accessories. A tribal carpet with shades that recall the colours present in the surroundings can harmonise and complete the space in an elegant and natural way. Paying attention to these details will make it possible to find the perfect tribal home rugs , i.e. those that are actually capable of enriching and enhancing any location in a home or work space.

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