Tribal rug: what does it look like? How to incorporate it into a furnishing project?

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Tribal rug

The tribal rug is not a simple textile product to be used to protect floors, but represents one of the small works of art that are capable of telling stories full of meaning, through their intricate symbolic motifs.

Each such artefact is a unique piece, which has been handcrafted using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation, and its beauty lies not only in its carefully crafted aesthetics, but also in the cultural significance of its designs and details.


What characteristics does a tribal rug have?

Buying a tribal rug means not only furnishing one’s home with a piece of great artistic value, but also supporting the cultural traditions of populations that have been able to express their identity through the art of weaving.

An artefact of this specific type is characterised essentially by the colours used, which are generally bright, and by the symbols chosen, which always have a special meaning.

In the oldest rugs, the colours used were obtained from natural pigments, and there may also be a particular reason in the choice of colours. Generally speaking, in tribal artefacts, fibres dyed red often represent vital energy, while green in Asian tradition represents God and the Islamic religion.

Tribal rugs come from different parts of the world, but predominantly originate from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. In each of these areas, the artefacts of the local tribes took on a characteristic appearance and were used as messengers of the local culture.

Today, one can furnish one’s home with a tribal rug produced by the Berber tribes of Morocco, the nomadic peoples of Iran or Turkmenistan, or the descendants of the semi-nomadic tribes of Turkey, for example. In each of these communities, a distinctive style was created and typical colours and decorative patterns became widespread.

The symbolic motifs in tribal rugs generally represent elements of everyday life and nature and, in some cases, also spirituality. By interpreting the symbols used, meanings can be deduced that go beyond what can be observed at first glance. A star, for example, can be used to symbolise protection and good luck, while animal figures are often used to represent strength or courage.

Tribal rug

When to choose a tribal rug for your interior design project?

It is a good idea to furnish with a tribal rug if you want to enrich your home space with a piece of furniture that stands out and can give character to the room. This kind of textile, thanks to the use of bright colours and usually elaborate graphic motifs, has a strong decorative power. This makes it an undisputed protagonist in any room of the house.

It doesn’t end there. Tribal rugs not only catch the eye, they are also very versatile in terms of use. In fact, they can be placed both inside and outside the home and can become the most important element of the interior design or blend in with the furniture, complements and accessories in each room.

In a living room, they are the right choice if one is looking for a rug that can act as a focal point around which to organise the décor. Other spaces in the home that can benefit from the presence of a tribal rug are the veranda or patio. In the latter case, the outdoor space can be transformed into a warm and inviting area that is perfect for spending pleasant moments outside the home.

Another tip? A tribal rug is also ideal for those who like to mix different styles. Since it is a very versatile piece of furniture, it can harmonise perfectly with contemporary, industrial, rustic, eclectic or classic furnishings, but the list could go on and on.

What factors to consider when buying a tribal rug?

Tribal rug

To avoid making mistakes when choosing the right tribal rug, it is essential to consider the design of the individual piece and the meaning of the symbols used in it. The symbolic motifs in tribal rugs tell stories and traditions that convey very specific messages, so it is useful to inform yourself in advance.

A very important element that influences the process of choosing any rug, and even more so a tribal piece, is the material used to make the weave. Rugs created by a tribe are often made of wool, cotton or silk, and each of these materials gives the rug a characteristic look and quality.

While wool  makes the item durable, easy to clean and conveys warmth and cosiness, cotton gives it a fresh, light appearance and facilitates its maintenance. Finally, there is silk , which gives the rug a very elegant and luxurious design, but requires more care and attention.

When incorporating a tribal carpet  into the décor, it is crucial to consider consistency with the style of the room. A brightly coloured and intricately patterned piece can become the focal point in a minimalist environment. In a room that is already rich in details, on the other hand, it is preferable to choose a model with more neutral tones to avoid an overloaded visual effect.

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