Modern custom carpets with original shapes: guide to choice

custom rugs Feb 13.2022

Modern custom carpets with original shapes: guide to choice

In the beginning it was rectangular. For centuries, the carpet has maintained its original shape, but then, with the spread of modern manufacturing techniques and the birth of carpets with original shapes, the expressive possibilities of designers and furnishing opportunities have multiplied.

Quickly, from the constraint of the rectangular shape has moved to an infinite number of shapes, concrete or abstract, which can help to furnish bedrooms, living areas and hallways of the house. Modern custom designed rugs are the ultimate in luxury, since they allow you to enrich your home with a unique creation.

What are the models of modern and custom rugs with original shapes?

When it comes to the shapes of carpets, the only limit is the imagination of designers and buyers. Traditional carpet patterns are made with a rectangular or at most square format. This choice is due partly to the greater simplicity of implementation and partly to the use of frames, which facilitate the creation of models in these formats.

Browsing through the proposals of contemporary designers, we find a catalog of modern made to measure rugs with quite varied shapes. There is no shortage of round rugs, but also rugs that are inspired by the world of nature, that replicate the shape of certain objects or that have fantasy shapes.

Those who want to furnish their home with a modern custom rug that pays homage to nature can take inspiration by browsing through the proposals of designers who collaborate with Nodus. There is the possibility to decorate the house with a leaf-shaped carpet, as in the case of the model Centocchio created by Lorenzo Palmeri, or with a model that recalls the animal world, as in the case of the carpet Monkey, designed by Estudio Campana.

Those who are looking for a modern solution that balances the aesthetic and artistic side of design rugs with the precision and rigor of geometry are spoiled for choice. Modern custom-made rugs with geometric shapes are able to furnish the rooms in which they are placed with great personality. Moreover, with the right mix of colors, they can complete even the most ambitious furnishings. One of the models from which you can take inspiration is for example Icosahedron, designed by Lanzavecchia and Wai.

Modern custom carpets with original shapes: guide to choice

What are the best environments for modern custom rugs with original shapes?

When choosing a custom design rug, it is essential to have clear ideas about the role that this modern rug will play within the room. This is even more true when you require a custom rug with an unconventional shape.

In the choice of the shape, both the characteristics of the space to be furnished and the style you want to give to the house have an impact. In a project that makes eccentricity its strong point, you can insert in every room modern custom rugs with surprising shapes and design. In cases where you want an original but not particularly nonconformist model, you can turn to abstract models or sinuous shapes.

One of the spaces in the house where it is easiest to place a custom rug model with an original shape is the hallway. Choosing a rug with an irregular shape, you can furnish this space by transmitting a feeling of movement and dynamism.

The entrance area is also an excellent opportunity for those who love to impress with modern and original custom rugs. In this space of the house, you can insert small carpets that have abstract shapes. Or you can provide artifacts created on the basis of a design of the client. This second solution allows you to immediately convey the strong link that exists between the interior design choices and the personality of the inhabitants of the house.

Modern custom carpets with original shapes: guide to choice

Why decorate your home with modern custom rugs with unusual shapes?

Modern custom made rugs are the right choice to make the most of your home environment. Thanks to the possibility to customize not only the size and shape of the carpet, but also to choose the material and the colors, you can have in your home a truly unique artifact. These artistic works will quickly become a product of enormous value, both economic and emotional.

For fans of contemporary art, it is the ideal opportunity to bring into your home a modern rug made in collaboration with prestigious designers and experienced craftsmen. These hand-knotted works of art can be arranged on the floor or displayed on the walls of your home, just as if they were a painting.

Pop, irreverent, abstract, imaginative… whatever style you choose for your modern custom rugs that have original shapes, one thing is certain: the result will be able to leave everyone amazed who can admire the close the quality of the fabrics and the refinement of the texture.

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