What distinguishes a contemporary art carpet from a traditional artefact?

Design Nov 26.2020

What distinguishes a contemporary art carpet from a traditional artefact?

While at first glance they may seem similar, a carpet similar to a contemporary work of art and a traditional one differ in many ways. Certainly, both have a common origin. However, the creative process and the final effect given by the two types of carpet is profoundly different. Let’s see why.

Contemporary art rugs: unique pieces that furnish your home with class

Traditional carpets are the expression of a thousand-year-old art. We are talking in particular about carpets from the Persian and Turkish tradition. These rugs represent creations of the highest value and are the result of the experience of craftsmen who knot the fibres by hand. The result of such craftsmanship is an enchanting design and masterly symmetry. 

In a way, the carpets that can be compared to contemporary works of art have inherited the heritage of traditional carpets. What’s more, they have managed to revolutionise the way luxury carpets are conceived. They have thus created unique products worthy of being exhibited in a museum. These are not exaggerated words: it is the pure truth.

Specifically, contemporary luxury carpets differ from more traditional carpets, especially in the product creation phase. When compared to traditional carpets, the materials, colours and designs of luxury carpets are radically different. It is a truly new philosophy, which stands out from the past. It is not a rejection of tradition, but an overcoming of it in a new interpretative key.

The reasons for these differences are partly historical and partly related to the sensitivity of individual Designers

Traditional carpets, whether they are Middle Eastern or sold in Western countries, all have a common root. What are used today as furnishing elements were not originally decorative elements. They performed another, very specific function: to shelter from the cold. What is that? Wool, silk and cotton fibres were knotted by hand to create pieces that insulated the environment from cold temperatures. 

With the passing of time, the importance of the carpet as a decorative element of the rooms grew. Today, contemporary art rugs represent the highest expression of this quality. They are real works of art, which can be placed on the floor, but can also be displayed on the walls. Just like a painting in a museum. 

The aesthetics of carpets is another factor that differentiates traditional carpets from more artistic ones. The former have very elaborate designs, which have been handed down for centuries and are inspired by the nature and cultural tradition of the Middle East. The latter, on the other hand, have an aesthetic that is the result of the creativity of the Designers. Here too the break with the past is evident.

While shapes, patterns and colour sets can be created in traditional oriental carpets, the possibilities for customisation are almost infinite in contemporary carpets. In contrast to the luxurious oriental carpets, characterised by a rectangular shape and symmetrical design, in contemporary art carpets the Designers are able to combine surprising lines, geometries and finishes, as well as contrasting colours and patterns. The manufactured articles are unique pieces, of enormous charm. For example, for your home you can choose a round luxury carpet inspired by the world of nature, or a carpet with an irregular shape and abstract design.

Painting is also often taken as a reference by Designers who create contemporary art rugs. This mixture of different arts allows you to create inimitable carpets, which have a very high value. Opening the doors of your home to one of these carpets means enriching the rooms and underlining the prestige you enjoy.  

Traditional and modern carpets also stand out for the different combinations they offer. The design of traditional carpets, for example, fits perfectly into a classically furnished environment. However, it stands out in a more modern context. Contemporary luxury carpets, on the other hand, can fit equally well into an industrial or Nordic style interior, but also into a classic ambience. The modern carpet is therefore the best choice to give the house a sophisticated furnishing that reflects the taste of the owners. 

Finally, the economic value of artistic carpets should be underlined. What do we mean by this? As with the best works of art, contemporary carpets can see their value increase over time. Choosing to furnish your home with one or more contemporary art rugs is not just a decision that has to do with the appearance and functionality of your home. Such luxury carpets communicate many more things. And they are an investment because they can be revalued over the years.  

In conclusion, contemporary art carpets not only enhance the rooms in which they are placed, but also demonstrate the attention and good taste of the owners. More than a decorative element for the hall, living room or bedrooms, the rug becomes the centrepiece of the house. 

An investment that at the same time satisfies the view, makes the homely atmosphere more welcoming and can be appreciated every day in the years to come.

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