How to choose the right luxury rugs for a villa

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How to choose the right luxury rugs for a villa
There are many good reasons to choose to live in a villa. Firstly, because it is spacious and allows you to organise your living arrangements with great freedom and secondly, because it provides privacy and tranquillity. When furnishing a villa, choosing the right luxury carpets helps to create an exclusive and classy interior and helps to adapt each room to the desired style.

How to furnish a villa using rugs

Living in a villa allows you to organise your living space and activities in a different way than you would in a large flat. Having rooms spread over several floors, terraces and an outdoor garden multiplies the possibilities of using the different rooms in the house.

An intelligent way to get the most out of the domestic spaces in the villa is to define from the start the spaces that will be used most during the winter and the spaces to be used in the warmer months. During the year it is natural to have different needs and having rooms furnished in such a way as to take these needs into account makes the house as comfortable as possible.

In the winter months people tend to spend more time indoors, relaxing in the living room or bedroom. In these spaces the ideal atmosphere is warm, cosy and intimate. Conversely, when temperatures start to rise, people are more inclined to spend time outdoors or in large spaces. Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy terraces and gardens and to spend pleasant moments with the family in the living room. Rooms that are lived in more in summer need to create a fresh and energising atmosphere.

A further element that needs to be considered carefully is the surroundings of the house. Those who live in a city house have different needs than those who choose to live in a villa in the countryside or at the seaside or in the mountains.

The furnishing project of a villa must take into account all these aspects and must know how to combine colours and styles to make the furnishings special. Carpets play a fundamental role in characterising the style of each room and creating the ideal atmosphere in every room of the villa.

Which luxury rugs should be chosen to furnish a villa?

Since a house is built on several levels and has both outdoor and indoor spaces, interior design can be used to create a pathway through the different rooms of the house that can touch on one or more styles.

Wool carpets, in any size and made using any technique, are perfect for furnishing rooms where it is important to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. The natural warmth of wool can be further enhanced by choosing colours in shades of red or brown.

For rooms where you want to focus on a cooler, lighter atmosphere, it is more important to work with colours than materials. Defining the best colour palette to convey the desired sensations is the most important choice to make in order to achieve an excellent result.

For the interior spaces of the house to be lived in more intensely during the warm period, it is preferable to use light colours, which increase the brightness of the rooms. You can choose white carpets or carpets in neutral tones such as beige or cream, or you can decide to decorate with carpets in brighter colours.

If you decide to choose the carpets first and then, on the basis of the models chosen for each room, select the furniture, you have maximum freedom of choice, being able to focus on any colour and any graphic pattern. If, on the other hand, the carpet is to be used to complete the furnishings in a room where there is already furniture, the possibilities for choice are reduced, since it is necessary to ensure that the colours chosen for the carpet are consistent with those of the furniture and other decorations.

Carpets are also a great help to anyone who needs to decorate the outdoor areas of a villa, whether it be a garden, a veranda, a patio or a terrace. Carpets help to define spaces and can be used on small balconies as well as larger spaces. Of course, for the outside of the villa it is necessary to choose luxury carpets that are resistant to sunlight, temperature changes and humidity.

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