How to decorate a modern house with an oriental rug

Luxury rugs Mar 02.2021

How to decorate a modern house with an oriental rug

On the surface, they may seem like distant and irreconcilable styles. Yet it is not only possible to furnish a modern home with an Oriental rug, it is also advisable. The sophistication of Oriental carpets blends perfectly with the simplicity of modern furniture, making the room feel cosy and balanced.

Why to prefer an Oriental carpet even in modern homes?

Modern interior design is all about simplicity and functionality. The lines are regular, the decorations are essential and white and light colours predominate. The lighting is also carefully designed, with a compromise between natural and artificial light that enhances each room and makes the furniture stand out.

Oriental carpets fit perfectly into this context, ensuring a perfect balance of styles. In order to be sure of a perfect result, it is best to start with the choice of the carpet and then define the rest of the furnishings of the house according to this element. Following this order creates a coherent colour scheme. And you can be sure that the colours of the carpet and those chosen for the other elements of the furnishings are harmonious.

When placed in a modern context, Oriental carpets are able to add personality to a room without being overpowering or overshadowing other elements of the d├ęcor, from furniture to accessories. Indeed, the elaborate design of luxury Oriental carpets complements the clean, minimalist lines of modern furniture. This helps to give the room movement and personality.

The colours and designs of Oriental rugs differ depending on where they come from. In classic Middle Eastern carpets, red and blue are the predominant colours and the design is rich in detail. The weaving of the wool yarns depicts hunting scenes, floral elements and decorations. Red, yellow and brown predominate in Turkish carpets, with a design characterised by medallions that are repeated throughout the surface of the carpet. Traditional Chinese carpets are more colourful and have a freer design. The dominant colours in Chinese carpets are blue and beige, with red, black and – in the finest carpets – yellow details, the latter being considered the colour of the Emperor.

How to get the most out of Asian carpets

Luxury carpets from Asia are true works of art that are handmade by skilled craftsmen. In a modern home, these carpets can be placed in any room. Their presence brings warmth, colour and a unique design, adding to the atmosphere of the room.

In a modern living room where the floors, furniture and walls are characterised by light colours, an oriental rug gives character and makes the refined simplicity of the furniture lines stand out even more. Mixing furniture styles and adding decorative elements helps to create a perfect balance between the various components of the room. For a customised result, you can combine your luxury Oriental carpet with vintage elements such as a sofa or chandelier. Or you can use the colours of the carpet for curtains or small decorative elements such as lamps and knick-knacks.

An Oriental carpet also works well in modern bedrooms. As well as providing warmth and insulation from the floor, it gives the room personality and allows you to play with the furniture and details. The result is an ever-changing atmosphere. The elaborate design of these high-quality carpets allows you to complement your room decor with a rich colour palette. Every season or whenever you feel like it, you can renew the room ambience with little effort by choosing blankets, sheets and pillows in one of the carpet’s prevailing shades.

Oriental artefacts are also an excellent solution in the kitchen, bathroom or children’s room. For different reasons, these are spaces in the home where you need a robust and solid piece that can withstand intense footfall, will not be damaged in the presence of moisture and is capable of masking stains. Luxury Oriental carpets meet these requirements perfectly and blend in well with even the most contemporary of furnishings.

The combination of modern interior design and the tradition of Oriental carpets is a winner. By combining them, the timeless beauty of the carpet and the natural elegance of the furniture can be enhanced. Placing an Oriental carpet in a modern room also makes light colours appear brighter and dark colours more intense.

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