Animal rugs: what do they look like? Why include them in a furnishing project?

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Animal rugs

Animal rugs are a very interesting decorative element to resort to when one is called upon to furnish a space with a contemporary style and wants to transform it into an environment with a strong and original character.

By being able to choose from a wide range of solutions, with shapes that reproduce various animals in different scales and with infinite combinations of colours, it is possible to find the artefact that is perfect for different rooms in the home.

What are the main characteristics of animal rugs?

Animal rugs immediately catch the eye due to the use of shapes or prints that recall the animal world. In these rugs, designers can give free rein to their imagination to create innovative and original products.

Specifically, when we speak of animal rugs, we are referring to furnishing objects that can be of very different sizes and that can recall both domestic animals and exotic species in their appearance. The choice of which type of animal to reproduce on the individual piece and what size to give to this piece of furniture depends on the desired result and the specifics of the room to be furnished.

Handmade rugs of this type are generally produced using the knotting technique or the taftatura technique ( The former are characterised by a more compact structure and a smooth surface, while the latter have a soft and warm appearance.

Generally speaking, one decides to use items that fall into this category when one wants to add colour and a touch of liveliness to the home environment. Animal rugs, in fact, stand out immediately and are an excellent choice if you are looking for a product to turn into the focal point of the room.

Which rooms in the home can be decorated with an animal carpet?

Animal rugs

Given their unusual and original appearance, animal rugs should be placed in the home space paying close attention to the overall balance of the interior design.

One room in which these textiles can be successfully used is the bedroom used by children and young people. In this room, animal rugs show all their advantages: they warm the space, protect the floors and bring colour and fun.

The most suitable material for the models to be used by children is wool: it is a hypoallergenic yarn that is safe and comfortable all year round. As for size and shape, one can consider a large rectangular or irregularly shaped rug, which can also be used as a surface on which to play, or a smaller rug that reproduces the silhouette of an animal.

As for colours, you can choose a piece that faithfully reproduces the colours of the animal’s coat, feathers or skin, or play with your imagination.

Animal rugs can also be placed in a living room or parlour. In this case, the piece should be considered the focal point of the room and the rest of the furnishings should be chosen to be in harmony with the chosen pattern. A tiger rug in the centre of the room, for example, can be combined with light-coloured furniture with simple lines. A carpet that reproduces a lion, on the other hand, can be accompanied by wooden furniture in its natural colour.

This is not the end of the story. A carpet with animals can also be used to liven up a hallway. Instead of decorating the narrow and elongated space with an anonymous runner, one could consider inserting a carpet in the shape of a snake or dragon. Such a solution is great both to give the space personality and to add a bit of colour.

Animal rugs

How to choose the ideal animal carpet for the individual room?

In animal rugs, design and colour are in the foreground. As far as design is concerned. you can rely on realistic products or models that are less faithful to reality. You can opt for a product inspired by existing animals or fantastic animals, or you can play with shapes. There are so many possibilities.

As far as colours are concerned, it is important to consider how the shades of the carpet fit into the room and how consistent they are with the furnishings already in the room. In particular, it is necessary to check that there is harmony between the colours of the carpet and those of the furniture and walls.

Finally, it is very important to assess what the desired result is. If you want to convey strength and grit, a carpet with animals of the savannah is the right choice, while if you want to give the room a tender and cosy look, you can choose textiles with softer shapes and more muted colours.

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