5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury custom rug

Luxury rugs Mar 18.2022

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury custom rug

The merits of luxury custom rugs are many. Among the main ones, the ability to best furnish all the different rooms of the house and the ability to accurately reflect the wishes of those who commissioned them should be considered.

Thinking of custom rugs as the ideal solution in every case is correct. However, it is necessary to know how to choose well, otherwise you can run risks. Let’s see together which are the most common. 

1. Do not consider the peculiarities of the room

On the one hand, it is true that custom designs allow you to create custom luxury carpets designed to uniquely decorate every room in the house. On the other hand, it is equally true that in order to get a good result, you need to consider the peculiarities of each space. 

Therefore, in addition to taking into account the function of use of the room – the ideal carpet for the living area may not be ideal for the bedroom -, it is necessary to evaluate other aspects. Which ones? For example, the brightness of the space, the amount of direct light, the shape of the room and, if available, the plan regarding the arrangement of furniture. 

Based on all these elements, it will be possible to define the essential characteristics that the carpet should have in terms of size, shape and colors.

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury custom rug

2. Making a mistake when choosing a carpet

The risk of making this mistake is higher when you have to plan the entire furnishing of a house. It is lower, however, in case of restructuring or renovation of only a portion of the apartment or villa. 

If you want a custom rug, you have to consider that the design and processing of the product will take quite a long time. For hand-knotted luxury rugs, the time required to complete the creation is several months. 

Therefore, those who want to furnish with a custom rug must take into account the time required for production. In this case, you can decide to order the carpet now and, later, select the furniture and furnishings. Or you can decide to buy the furniture first and, only later, order the custom-made rug. In both cases, for the success of the project is necessary to ensure that the style and colors of furniture and carpet are in harmony. And make sure the delivery time is in line with the clients’ needs. 

3. Don’t consider all the possible materials needed to make the product

The material from which most luxury carpets are made is wool. However, no one prohibits you from requesting a custom-made carpet in different materials. 

Those who have chosen an eco-friendly furniture, for example, could consider the possibility of requesting a carpet made with fibers of vegetable origin. With the use of cotton, jute, linen or bamboo, just to name a few examples, luxurious and durable rugs can be made. Such artifacts can furnish domestic spaces in an equally unique way. 

Those who want to emphasize the exclusivity and luxury of their home can instead choose a custom-made silk rug. The brightness of the fibers and the preciousness of the artifact will make unique and special the room of the house in which the carpet will be inserted.

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a luxury custom rug

4. Choosing a style that is not consistent with the environment

A rather common mistake is the choice of a made-to-measure carpet that is not consistent with the space. It may be a problem of coherence with the furniture or the textiles of the house, and in this case you can consider changing the furniture. Or it may be a problem related to the juxtaposition between the carpet and the floor.

Taking care to match the style and colors of the luxury rug with the style and colors of the other elements in the room is essential, because it allows you to make the most of all the qualities of the fine custom rugs. Depending on how the space is structured, this can be extended to the rest of the house as well. In particular, this is true if the home is a loft or an open space, and therefore if the carpet enters in relation to a very large space.  

5. Getting the carpet layout wrong

Even when the style and colors of the carpet have been carefully chosen, there is always the potential risk of making mistakes. Choosing a sub-optimal carpet layout is a risk that you run especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

In these spaces of the house, you usually end up placing the carpet in the center of the room, without considering alternative possibilities. What to do, then? Decentralizing the rug or proposing it in an overlapping version could prove to be the winning choice to make the most of the rug’s design and give the room an even more elegant and welcoming look.

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