5 reasons to replace old rugs with designer rugs

Design May 01.2022

5 reasons to replace old rugs with designer rugs

Replacing old rugs with new ones is often the quickest and most effective way to radically change the look of a room.

When it is decided to change all the old artefacts with designer rugs, the improvement that can be obtained is considerable. Here are five valid reasons why domestic environments are strengthened by the choice to switch to design pieces.

Designer rugs decorate spaces in a more refined way

If you have not been followed by an expert interior designer in the choice of rugs for the home, there is a risk that old rugs have designs that are disconnected and inconsistent with each other. Over time, models can overlap which, in terms of style and color, tell of a past that is no longer in trend.

Replacing the carpets in the house as a whole with design models selected according to your preferences and the character you want to give to the environment helps to create a refined atmosphere, which transmits good taste and attention to detail.

The versatility of design rugs allows you to furnish any space with great precision, without neglecting the most functional aspects of this splendid piece of furniture.

Design rugs give personality to the environment

Each design rug must be chosen taking into account that each room in the house has distinctive qualities. In the choice of colours, dimensions and design, the main aspects that distinguish the space to be furnished must be thoroughly analysed. In this way, it will be possible to find the model that more than any other will be able to give personality to the room.

For an even more unique result, you can use custom-made rugs. With a project of this type, all the characteristics of the design rugs to be placed in each room can be defined in detail. More in detail, with a tailor-made project you can define the dimensions, select the materials and choose the design capable of furnishing the different spaces of the house by the sea uniquely.

Proceeding in this way can truly revolutionize the appearance of different domestic environments and underline the particularities of each space uniquely. Just to give a few examples, you can take advantage of the customized design rugs to emphasize the elegant and festive side of the living room, the conviviality and openness of the living room. Or even the relaxing and zen atmosphere of the bedroom.

5 reasons to replace old rugs with designer rugs

It can be furnished with better quality carpets

One of the most obvious reasons why it is worth changing old carpets and switching to design models is the great leap forward in quality. The contemporary design rugs are made with selected materials and with traditional manufacturing techniques, which involve highly experienced craftsmen.

Even after decades, with proper maintenance, design rugs keep their appearance unchanged and represent small works of art. Investing in artistic design rugs does not disappoint expectations and, in addition to decorating the domestic space in a unique way, allows you to have home furnishings that can be seen as chests that hold a much higher value than that appreciable to the sight only.

It is easy to renew the appearance of the rooms and bring color

The motivation that most often pushes people to change the carpets in their home is the desire to renew the appearance of the different environments of the living and sleeping areas. By acting on colors and patterns, you can breathe an air of novelty without having to make more invasive and demanding changes.

Designer rugs represent an excellent opportunity in this sense. The variety of colors and designs makes it possible to explore different opportunities and to evaluate which are the most suitable to enhance each environment. To find the perfect design for the rooms of the house, you can be inspired by patterns found on textiles or accessories. Or you can opt for selected colors, capable of giving a more personal touch to the furniture.

High design environments can also be created with the artefacts

Originality, experimentation and avant-garde are three of the concepts that are most frequently associated with design environments. When you want to furnish your home with design elements, the first thought goes to furniture and objects that can be used as furnishing accessories. Only secondarily do we think of luxury rugs, even if these textile products have a greater power to characterize environments.

Design rugs must therefore be considered as true works of contemporary art which, in addition to having a strong artistic value, make the spaces in which they are positioned comfortable and elegant. And this is always true, whatever the type of furniture chosen for the home.

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