5 types of custom rugs for the living room: customize your rug for a unique interior design

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5 types of custom rugs for the living room: customize your rug for a unique interior design

The living room is the most versatile room in the house. For example, it is the space where you meet in the evening to spend some time in total relaxation, but it is also the room where you can organize parties with dozens of guests and family dinners.

When deciding which rug to choose to decorate the living room, it is therefore good to consider what uses are made of the space. Solutions involving one or more custom-made rugs are an excellent idea. There are in fact artifacts that allow you to flexibly and luxuriously furnish this room of the house. 

How to choose a custom-made carpet right for the living room? 

When designing a custom-made carpet for the living room, it is necessary to evaluate various aspects. These aspects are related to both the way you will use the room and the furniture choices made for the room. 

Starting with the size and layout of the room is always advisable. In this way, you can define a rough idea of the size that the custom rug will have. By doing so, you can also figure out how much and what furniture will occupy the available space. 

Once you have defined the perimeter within which you can move, and after choosing what size and shape to give to the carpet, you can move on to the choice of materials and colors. At this stage, it is important to be able to imagine the desired atmosphere: do you want to create a warm and cozy living room or do you prefer an original and design environment? The choice of the personalized carpet also depends on this.

5 types of custom rugs for the living room: customize your rug for a unique interior design

A large wool rug

The classic made-to-measure rug of rectangular shape and made of wool is a classic solution with timeless charm. It is ideal for large living rooms furnished with traditional style furniture. At the same time, it can also be the right choice in a home furnished in ethnic or vintage style. 

In addition, a custom rug of this type is the ideal choice if you want to create a cozy living room with a family feel, to be used to share quality time with your loved ones.

Durability is among the main merits of large custom rugs made from wool. Luxury models are created with selected, high-quality fibers that ensure high durability even in environments that are busy. 

A set of rugs next to each other or on top of each other

Bespoke rug sets are an option to consider, if you want to furnish your living room in a less conventional way. Versatility and flexibility are the most attractive features of this kind of artifacts. 

The custom-made sets can find space in living rooms made in lofts or open spaces, but also in the halls of apartments and villas. The living room is usually the largest room in the house and sets are a great idea to delimit and highlight the different areas of this room.

Custom designs allow you to create sets consisting of rugs in coordination with each other or sets consisting of different models in color and size. The latter can be combined freely, following your imagination and taste.

5 types of custom rugs for the living room: customize your rug for a unique interior design

Rugs with relief textures

To give personality to the living room, custom rugs with relief textures are another viable option. In addition to the quality offered by the custom design and the choice of the best materials available, you can add the almost three-dimensional appearance given by the relief texture. 

Thanks to such a solution, you can give a unique and distinctive look to your salon. Customization creates a made-to-measure model that matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture, recalling colors, details or textures already present in furniture, textiles or other elements of the living room. 

Custom rugs with unusual shapes

In modern and contemporary living rooms, you can freely play with the shapes of rugs. Abandoning the strict lines of square and rectangular rugs also softens the atmosphere in the room. The shapes become softer and, in this way, you can create harmonious and impressive spaces. For example, this is true when you opt to furnish with round, oval or abstract shaped custom rugs. 

Custom-made projects can satisfy every customer’s request, also allowing the realization of rugs with less canonical shapes, also thanks to the possibility of resorting to various processing techniques. We refer not only to knotting, but also to weaving or taftatura. 

Luxury designer rugs 

Luxury designer rugs are perfect for enhancing the most exclusive salons. These models, realized thanks to the collaboration between the client and a designer, can reproduce the client’s original drawings, express the designer’s creativity or be based on a precise study of the client’s requests. In short: the personalization of the products to be inserted in the salon is, even in this case, the maximum achievable.

The possibilities for expression are truly infinite: it is possible to combine characteristic elements of styles that are far apart or to match unusual colors and patterns. A custom-made carpet that combines geometric lines and floral patterns, for example, is a good solution to furnish the living room of a house where you breathe an air of youth and irreverence. As mentioned, however, this is just one of the many possible customizations.

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