Carpets for allergy sufferers: What do they look like? How to choose the best allergy-friendly carpet?

Carpets for allergy sufferers: choosing carpets made of hypoallergenic materials and safe manufacturing processes is the best solution for those who suffer from allergies but do not want to deprive themselves of the beauty and comfort of luxury carpets. The materials to be used are hypoallergenic and natural ones such as wool, organic cotton and bamboo. Wool, cotton and bamboo have excellent breathable properties and are able to absorb moisture, thus helping to keep the home environment healthy and comfortable.

Comfortable rugs for living room: how to choose them? How to include them in a furnishing project?

Comfortable rugs for living room, based on the characteristics of the room, carpets of different sizes and styles can be placed in the room, several carpets can be placed on top of each other or customised models can be chosen. The creation of a cosy and comfortable living room depends above all on the choice of comfortable and context-suitable carpets. the materials used play a key role in determining the feeling of softness and comfort. They must have colours and patterns that are well balanced with each other and with the other furnishings in the room.

Correct size rug for sectional couch (complete guide)

Correct size rug for sectional couch. Finding the right balance between manufactured product and sectional sofa can make all the difference in creating a cosy, harmonious space. Ideally, choose a model that is slightly larger than the sofa itself. The unique combination of materials, textures and design gives the carpet a distinctive look that can make the room elegant, sophisticated or exclusive.

Custom carpets and wall colour: how to choose the right matches for different styles?

Custom carpets and wall colour. The balance between carpets and wall colour is essential to avoid the room appearing cluttered or empty. If one or more walls in the room are painted in dark colours, these become the focal point of the space. One can think of a carpet that echoes the colours of the room. Opting for customised carpets makes the job much easier, as it allows you to have the perfect piece in each room, with the right size, shape and design.

Custom round rugs : what features do they have? In which interior design projects can they be included?

Custom round rugs are a very interesting solution that should definitely be taken into consideration. The adaptability of these carpets to different spaces in the house is, by far, the main advantage. They can liven up various rooms in the house, but for a wow result, it is advisable to focus on only a few rooms. Carpets of different sizes and colours define different areas of the living room.

Custom runner for stairs: a step-by-step guide to choosing them

Custom runner for stairs is designed specifically for your home. ideally, it should be able to bring warmth and elegance to the room and create a safe and cosy space. A whole range of aesthetic factors and technical details must be carefully considered. These carpets are the ideal solution for having a luxury carpet that meets exactly what you need, both in terms of size and style.

Design living room rugs: how to make the right choice according to the furnishing scheme?

Design living room rugs are an outstanding choice for those who want to add personality to the room without having to completely change the décor. These pieces are created by experienced designers and handcrafted in specialised workshops. a custom-made designer carpet offers the possibility of creating a unique piece that is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the room

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