Art Deco rugs: what are they? How to match them depending on the room and its furnishing style?

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Art Deco rugs

Art Deco rugs are clearly inspired by the architectural movement of the same name that characterised the first part of the 20th century and still influences many artists and architects today.

The period in which this current developed was between the 1920s and 1930s. From the very beginning, this style was characterised by the use of luxurious geometries, bold lines and an extraordinary attention to detail. Today, these characteristics are also absolutely impeccably reflected in Art Deco rugs.

What are the distinctive features of Art Deco rugs?

The typical design of a textile made in the Art Deco style features sharp geometric lines, which are the result of the combination of abstract shapes, rectangles, circles and parallel lines. These shapes intertwine with each other to create fascinating and ever-changing patterns. The artistic use of geometries allows for a sophisticated and unique look to any room, giving it a timeless appeal.

The design of Art Deco rugs also manages to accentuate the elegant lines of the surrounding furniture. Placed under a dining table or in a living room, these artefacts can transform spaces, making them look more sophisticated and more intriguing. The unique combination of vibrant colours  and unusual shapes attracts the eye and manages to add a touch of sophistication to a room simply by its presence.

How to furnish any home with Art Deco rugs?

Furnishing with Art Deco rugs can be a good idea if you want to give a new face to different rooms in the home, renewing the interior design of the home. It is also a good idea when you want to give a new house a distinctive character. In any case, these luxurious pieces prove to be particularly versatile and can easily adapt to various furnishing styles.

When furnishing with this kind of high-quality textile product, one must first bear in mind that Art Deco carpet design goes beautifully with furniture in neutral colours or a pattern containing minimal lines. In these cases, the elaborate colours and patterns of these rugs succeed in bringing vitality and personality to spaces. Through the contrast between the bold geometries of Art Deco rugs and the essentiality of neutral furniture, a balance is created that gives harmony to the home environment.

Art Deco artefacts can also be used to create a location inspired by those years and can be combined with original period furniture or modern replicas.

Those who want to give their interior design a bolder look can consider using Art Deco rugs to complete the d├ęcor of a loft or a flat with industrial-style furniture. The combination of these two styles creates a fascinating and original contrast: on the one hand, one can appreciate the glamorous lines of the rugs and their ability to warm the atmosphere and, on the other hand, the raw and unfinished character of industrial furniture.

Art Deco rugs

Which rooms in the home can be furnished with Art Deco rugs?

An Art Deco piece can find a place in practically every room in the home, with the exception of those rooms where luxury rugs can easily be damaged by wear and tear and moisture. We are referring to the bathroom and the kitchen. In all other areas of the home, these high quality textiles help to enhance and personalise the furnishings.

The best rooms in the home in which to place Art Deco rugs are the living room and living room. Depending on your furnishing preferences, you can consider placing the pieces under the dining table or in the centre of the living room to create a focal point that attracts attention and adds a touch of class to the room. For a harmonious result, it is very important to choose appropriately sized rugs so that they define the area precisely and are in balance with the different pieces of furniture.

The geometric patterns and warm colours of these rugs also blend perfectly with the living room furniture, adding a note of liveliness and style to the room. In the living room, for example, Art Deco rugs can find a place under the table or, if the house is developed in an open-plan space, in the area that marks the border with the kitchen.

Bedrooms are also perfect rooms in which to place Art Deco rugs. One can decide to place these artefacts at the foot of the bed, if there is a need to liven up the atmosphere of the room, or partially underneath it, in order to create a cosy area and define the space. As far as design is concerned, it is best to opt for a carpet that echoes the colours and patterns already present in the bedroom, so as to create a visual harmony, which also contributes to the comfort and elegance of the specific place.

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