5 types of fitted bedroom rugs

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5 types of fitted bedroom rugs

Rugs for the bedroom are especially appreciated for the comfort they can provide and their ability to accompany us at various times of the day.

When choosing a carpet for the room, it is preferable to move towards models made of soft fibers, especially if you are used to walking barefoot. With custom rugs for the bedroom, you can make custom furnishings that are perfectly in line with the spirit you want to give the environment: here are 5 models to evaluate.

Why choose a custom rug for the bedroom?

When choosing a carpet for the bedroom, the aspects on which to focus most are the size of the model, its positioning within the room and its design. Requesting a custom rug allows you to keep under control all these aspects and create a unique model, with the best features to enhance the qualities of the space and the beauty of the furniture.

To find the right model of custom carpet for the bedroom, it is good to start by studying the characteristics of the room. In this way, you can reason about the shape of the space to be furnished, you can understand how you move within it and you can clarify how to place the carpet or rugs, if you decide to make more than one.

Once you have identified the number and shape of the rugs, you can move on to the choice of materials and design. In most cases, wool, a safe and comfortable material, is used for custom bedroom rugs. As for the design, depending on the style of the furniture and your personal taste, you can go for contemporary luxury rugs or more traditional looking rugs.

A large rectangular rug to place under the bed

Furnishing the bedroom with a single large rug, which is placed under the bed and extends to the area of the bedside tables, is a clear reference to the most classic furnishing styles. This solution is great for traditionally furnished rooms, but it can also be the winning choice in situations where you want to give personality to the room.

A large round rug in the center of the room

Rounded shapes are an interesting option to give dynamism to the look of the bedroom. A round rug fits well with furniture of various kinds, starting from the most classic wooden furniture to Nordic style furniture. This type of artifact can also be used to enhance a space in the room that would otherwise have remained in the background. Simply place an armchair next to the rug to create a reading corner or to create a space in which to relax at the end of the day, perhaps in front of a panoramic window.

5 types of fitted bedroom rugs

Two lateral bedside rugs

The trend towards minimalism also involves rugs. In modern furniture, instead of inserting large size rugs, people prefer to use bedside rugs to be placed on the sides of the mattress.

Custom solutions allow you to make bedside rugs of various shapes and sizes. Round, long-pile models are ideal for those looking for maximum softness, while bedside rugs with irregular shapes are great ideas for those who want to decorate the bedroom in an original way.

A set of long pile rugs

In the bedroom, more than in any other room of the house, the softness of the rugs is a priority. Resting your feet on a soft surface as soon as you wake up or going to sleep with a pleasant soft feeling increases individual well-being. For this, you can consider the request for a custom-made long-pile carpet.

Better still is precisely to choose a set of long-pile rugs, to be placed at the sides and feet of the bed. By choosing rugs in different colors and consistent with the color palette decided for the rest of the house, you balance practicality and comfort.

Furnish the bedroom with overlapping rugs

The layer look, i.e. overlapping rugs to create original compositions, is a very interesting trend, which allows you to find custom solutions and aesthetically pleasing. This system allows you to combine rugs even very different in shape, materials, sizes and styles. With the help of designers and interior decorators, it is possible to design custom rugs to overlap that are perfectly in line with the style of your bedroom.

Such an idea is great to complete the decor of a contemporary room, but you can also take advantage to make more informal and welcoming a room decorated in a more classic way.

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