Hand knotted jute rugs: how are they made? What are the tips for choosing them?

Materials and techniques Apr 22.2023
Hand knotted jute rugs

Hand knotted jute rugs are a very versatile solution for furnishing your home. Jute is a durable and sustainable natural fibre , which is processed by hand to create rugs with soft textures and natural colours.

Due to their durability and their ability to adapt to various home environments, jute rugs are a viable option that should be taken into consideration whatever furnishing style you have chosen for your home.

Why choose one or more hand knotted jute rugs?

Often, those who choose to furnish with a jute rug do so because they are aware of all the advantages offered by this highly valuable material. Jute is indeed an ecological and sustainable material , extremely versatile and requires little maintenance.

Being a vegetable yarn, this material is biodegradable and can be easily disposed of without harming the environment. This makes hand knotted jute rugs the optimal solution to complete a furnishing project inspired by natural style or sustainable interior design principles.

Hand knotted jute rugs are made of durable natural fibres. They also, of course, have a beautiful appearance. Specifically, the entirely handmade workmanship gives these artefacts a unique design, making them elegant and luxurious.

Jute is also a very durable material that can last a very long time, even with heavy use. Rugs made of this material can therefore also find a place in busy areas of the home, such as the entrance hall, hallways or living room.

One of the most characteristic aspects of jute rugs is the special texture of their yarn. The rough appearance of jute gives the pile of the rugs a rustic, natural feel and makes them perfect for the interior of a boho or minimalist style home.

What else to say about these artefacts? Hand knotted jute rugs are very versatile designs that can be placed in different rooms of the house. Depending on the room that houses them, then, these textiles can take on a different role. When complementing the furnishings of a bedroom, for example, the jute rug enhances the atmosphere of the room by making it warmer and more comfortable, while when placed in the dining room, it can become the focal point that draws the eye.

How to find the perfect hand knotted jute rugs for your interior design project?

The craftsmanship of hand knotted jute rugs requires great skill and care. The process of designing and making a rug is long and laborious, and involves not only the involvement of skilled craftsmen, but also the use of special tools, such as the loom on which the rug is stretched or the scissors and blades that are used to cut the threads and level the surface of the pile.

To create the weft of the carpet, the jute fibres are knotted very tightly to create the pattern decided by the carpet’s designer.

Often, in jute rugs, the yarn is left in its natural colour, but there are also dyed examples. Natural pigments, almost exclusively of vegetable origin, are used to colour the fibres.

Hand knotted jute rugs

Decorate different rooms in the home with hand knotted jute rugs!

Matching a hand-knotted jute carpet to the furnishings in your home is an easy and fun task. To create a relaxed, boho look, you can combine the jute rug with untreated wooden furniture, cushions and blankets in soft, natural fabrics and decorative elements in natural fibres, such as straw baskets and vases.

Jute rugs also fit very well into a room furnished in a minimalist, modern style. In this case, the carpet can be combined with metal or painted wood furniture, textiles in neutral tones and decorative objects in a minimalist style, such as ceramic or glass sculptures.

Another useful tip. When choosing the right jute carpet for your home, it is also important to define the right size for the carpet. Indeed, a model that is too small risks not creating the desired effect and getting lost in the overall picture. On the other hand, a carpet that is too large may be bulky and impractical.

In addition to considering the furnishing style chosen for the room, the position in which the individual carpet is to be placed must also be considered. In a living room, for example, the most natural choice is to place hand knotted jute rugs under the dining table or under the sofa. In a bedroom, on the other hand, one can consider placing the carpet at the foot of the bed or under an armchair, if the aim is to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the room.

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