The custom size jute rug: a touch of naturalness to make your rooms unique

custom rugsMaterials and techniques Sep 03.2022

A custom size jute rug can be the right choice to freshen up a room, to give a different organisation to a room in the house or, more simply, to add an exotic and natural touch to the interior design.

The merits of this material, which is both simple and refined, are so many that a custom size jute rug can be used in most home interiors. But how to define the characteristics of a made-to-measure design? Let’s see it together in this step-by-step guide.

8 good reasons to furnish your home with a custom size jute rug

We have already mentioned that the benefits of using a custom-made jute carpet are numerous. If you need more information to convince you that a luxury jute carpet may be the right choice for your home, here are 8 good reasons.

1.            Jute is a natural and sustainable material. In the production of jute carpets, no toxic substances or glues are used. It is produced by simply weaving the fibres that make up the pile. In this way, it is perfectly environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable.

2.            Jute is a durable and long-lasting fibre. Don’t worry that continuous trampling will ruin the pile of your custom size jute rug. The strength of its fibres is such that they can also be used for carpets to be placed at the entrance of the house or in hallways.

3.            Jute carpets (custom-made or standard) are versatile and adaptable. With a jute piece you can freshen up the look of a living room as well as a bedroom. In addition, the natural look of the carpet can adapt to various furnishing styles, including more contemporary and bolder ones.

4.            Custom-made jute rugs are handmade. The experience of the craftsmen guarantees the durability of the individual piece, but also the full respect of the fibre characteristics and the high quality of the end result.

5.            The carpet is soft and comfortable. When natural materials are chosen for custom-made carpets, the risk is that the artefacts feel rough to the touch. With jute, this risk is averted and luxury jute carpets always feel good, even when you walk on them barefoot.

6.            The natural colour of custom-made jute carpets is an added bonus. Carpets made of jute rarely have dyed fibres. This enhances the natural tone of the material, which ranges from beige to dark brown.

7.            The exotic look of the carpet makes the rooms in which it is placed warm and chic. The combination of the sophistication of the weave and the intense colour of the plant material gives the home an irresistible tropical atmosphere.

8.            The jute carpet is easy to maintain. In fact, this material requires no special care: just adopt a regular cleaning routine and avoid exposing the artefact to moisture.

Which areas of the house can be furnished with a custom size jute rug?

With a customised jute rug, all the interiors of the home can be furnished with the exception of the bathroom.

In fact, the simple yet refined design of a custom size jute rug makes it possible to enrich rooms furnished in a minimalist style as well as much more sophisticated spaces. On closer inspection, jute is among the vegetable materials that, more than others, manage to adapt perfectly to both formal and casual contexts.

The success of the furnishing project therefore lies in finding the right balance between the carpet, the furniture and the decoration. If you want to emphasise the natural and exotic look of the jute carpet, for example, you can insert small tables or armchairs made of woven wood into the room. Or you can opt for exotic wooden vases and tropical plants.

How do you choose the right size and shape for your custom size jute rug?

Customised jute carpets are handmade, based on customer requirements. Thanks to the versatility of this material, rugs of all shapes can be made: in addition to the traditional rectangular rugs, square, round, oval or irregularly shaped models can also be offered.

The choice of the best shape to give the carpet varies depending on the message one wants to convey with the interior design. A round carpet is often the ideal solution to create an eco-friendly and refined ambience. On the other hand, an irregularly shaped piece is great for adding an original touch to the space.

When considering the shapes and dimensions of a custom size jute rug, the importance of colour should not be forgotten. In the case of brown and dark coloured jute fibres, it is preferable to opt for smaller dimensions to avoid the room looking too dark. In well-lit rooms of the house, on the other hand, it will be possible to insert custom-made jute carpets that have a large format. The latter can be enlivened with colourful accessories or plants and flowers.

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