Trendy colours for luxury rugs (autumn 2021)

Luxury rugs Nov 08.2021

Trendy colours for luxury rugs (autumn 2021)

The historical period we are currently living through, referred to by many as the “new normal”, is also reflected in interior design trends. The pandemic has forced us, whether we like it or not, to spend more time indoors, and the home has once again become the place where we manage many aspects of our lives, from work to entertainment, from socialising via computers and telephones to conviviality.

An analysis of the trendy colours of luxury carpets for autumn 2021 shows quite clearly the desire to create a warm and welcoming home environment in which to spend quality time.

The return of intimate and vibrant atmospheres, even for luxury carpets

If until a few years ago the home was a place where people spent only a few hours a day, primarily at night, today’s domestic spaces must be able to fulfil many more functions. They have to meet the multiple needs of family members who have to study, work or spend their free time in the same space at the same time.

The essentiality and simplicity of rooms furnished in the Nordic style is increasingly giving way to designs that take into account the many different activities that can be carried out in the home. From this point of view, the various rooms in the house are furnished in different ways, so as to have spaces specifically dedicated to study, work or entertainment. Homes are returning to being furnished with lots of objects, as in the maximalist style. Or with furnishings and accessories recovered from the past, as in the vintage style.

It is becoming more and more important to move around in cosy, warm home environments where it is pleasant to spend one’s days and which are also pleasant to share with others. Making careful interior design choices is a great help in achieving this. This is also evident this autumn in the choice of trendy colours for luxury carpets.

Trendy colours for luxury rugs (autumn 2021)

Autumn 2021 and luxury carpets: Space for warm, intense colours!

Warm and intense colours will be the stars of the autumn of 2021. Living rooms, bedrooms and hallways will be dressed in colours that convey positive energy and warm the atmosphere. The most popular shades are those ranging from yellow to red, not forgetting orange in all its nuances, from the most opaque to the most vibrant.

Another colour that plays a leading role in the autumn trend is green, in lighter, pastel shades such as sage green or light green, right up to the more saturated tones that are ideal for attracting attention.

Changing the carpets in your home, choosing models that reflect the trendiest colours for autumn 2021, is a great way to renew your furniture and adapt it to the new normality. All this without having to completely overhaul the home environment.

You can make radical choices, choosing very colourful rug models in the season’s trendy shades, such as the Bagdad rug designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Or you can define a range of nuances to distribute in the different rooms of the house and combine them with other colours (ideally with neutral tones or delicate nuances, as in the Decorated Skin carpet by Diego Vencato).

The choice between one or the other option depends essentially on the final result to be obtained. In the first case, the emphasis is all on colour, which transmits energy and fills the eye. In the second case, the warmth of the colours is balanced by the presence of neutral tones, creating an interesting balance between design and colour choices.

Trendy colours for luxury rugs (autumn 2021)

Luxury carpets as interior design protagonists in autumn 2021

More than ever before, luxury carpets need to be comfortable and functional as well as offering superb design. Designer carpets should not only be beautiful, but should also become a distinctive element of the interior design and contribute to a cosy, warm and safe atmosphere.

The most suitable luxury carpets for the autumn/winter 2021 season have warm colours and floral or geometric patterns. One of the stars of the season is the kilim carpet, which is appreciated for the beauty of its pattern and its practicality. This carpet, which is made using a special process similar to that used for weaving tapestries, has a thin and flexible structure. The traditional patterns of kilim carpets, with their alternating rhombuses and other geometric shapes in a variety of colours, are perfect for providing warmth and creating a home environment where design and comfort coexist.

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