Rug for a small living room: how to choose the most suitable model for the individual room?

DesignHome Dec 03.2023
Rug for a small living room

Choosing a rug for a small living room is quite a challenge that puts interior designers to the test.

While it is true that, in general, fine rugs play a fundamental role in interior decoration, since they can transform the space, giving it warmth and elegance, their importance takes on an even greater role when the space to be furnished is small and a precise interior design idea must be concentrated in a few square metres. 

What to consider in order to be able to choose the perfect rug for a small living room?

The ideal Rug for a small living room is one that does not make the space seem even smaller but, on the contrary, enhances its strengths. When chosen carefully, it can add depth to the room and act as a bond between the different elements in the room.

In particular, a rug with the correct proportions and colours that suit the room can make the space more welcoming and bright and helps to build an elegant and well-cared-for atmosphere.

To define the correct size of the product, one can consider a rectangular model that respects the proportions of the room, or one can think of placing a round  or oval-shaped ( model in the room, which is perfect if one wants to give a feeling of movement to the surrounding space.

The choice of material is also crucial to achieving a good result. As a general rule, you should opt for a warm rug, but one that is not too bulky inside the room. Our advice is to go for short pile or woven products. Short pile or flat pile models have a smaller footprint and fit well in smaller living rooms, making the room appear more spacious and lighter, and also making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Which colours to choose for a rug for a small living room?

Rug for a small living room

Colour is a key element in choosing the right rug. In a small room, light or neutral shades are the best choice. Besides being very versatile colours that are easy to match with furniture, they are also shades that help not to overload or darken the space. 

Specifically, light shades, such as white, beige or grey, help reflect natural light, making even the smallest and darkest living rooms seem larger and more airy. Considering neutral shades also has indirect advantages, which are related to the easy maintenance of these rugs.

In addition to considering the purchase of monochrome pieces, one can also consider items with more or less elaborate patterns and decorative motifs. The former is great if you want to create a room with an essential look, while the latter is perfect if you are looking for a rug that balances a Nordic d├ęcor with extremely simple lines.

What are the best styles for a rug for a small living room?

When searching for the perfect rug for a small living room, much attention must be paid to choosing the right design. Since space is limited and the risk of overloading the room with colours and decorations is high, the recommendation is to favour a minimalist approach.

Especially if the living room has little light, it is essential to avoid overly elaborate, bulky or darkly coloured rugs. Placing a light-coloured piece in the space can help to visually brighten the space and create a more airy and cosy ambience. Alternatively, one could consider rugs with abstract or geometric patterns, which can add visual interest to the space without making the room too heavy.

Rug for a small living room

The choice of rug material for a small living room is equally important. Fibres such as cotton or wool offer a feeling of warmth and comfort without overloading the atmosphere of the location.

Classic rugs, with their woven patterns and numerous colour nuances, can add a touch of elegance and tradition to the living room. However, if the living room is only a few square metres in size, care must be taken to ensure that the ambience is not weighed down by overly elaborate details.

In contrast to traditional rugs, contemporary models can be considered, which manage to offer a fresh and modern approach. These models are often characterised by clean designs and the use of geometric shapes and square lines. When choosing a rug for a small living room, contemporary designs can give the room a lighter, more open atmosphere, which goes very well with the need to optimise the available space.

When comparing classic and contemporary rugs, always take into account the proportions, colours and general style of the furniture to ensure a coherent and harmonious look in the living room.

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