Luxury rugs

Contemporary luxury rugs: how are they made? How to make the right choice for the individual furnishing project?

Contemporary luxury rugs can become the centrepiece of any home or even commercial environment. They often come in innovative designs and are offered in bold colours or material combinations. The versatility of these rugs is also expressed in the processing techniques that can be adopted for their production, from knotted to hand tufted. They are often characterised by repeated decorative motifs and the use of bright colours.

Contemporary rugs: the advantages of choosing a contemporary style artefact

Contemporary rugs represent an evolution of traditional Oriental rugs. They can be made from a wide variety of yarns and are essentially a decorative element that enhances the interior design of the home. Some, they represent an investment that should be taken into consideration if you are a contemporary art enthusiast, allowing you to make the most of every single room. To be able to identify the right contemporary rugs for your home, the help of an experienced interior designer is crucial.

Custom handmade rugs: how to choose a luxury handmade and customised rug [Guide].

Custom handmade rugs are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Each handmade carpet is in fact the result of the union of ancient manufacturing techniques and contemporary creativity. Choosing them means having a unique product that synthesises the inestimable value of traditional workmanship with the quality of design and all the benefits offered by carpets.

De luxe rugs: why are luxury artefacts so successful? 

Luxe rugs can revolutionise the aesthetics of any room. Both Oriental and contemporary carpets have an elegant design and are made from yarns dyed in bright, durable colours. They are made using quality yarns and relying on manufacturing techniques that faithfully reflect ancient Asian traditions. These carpets have marked interior design choices in many projects.

Durable area rug: what are the criteria that identify a durable carpet?

Durable area rug is specially designed to withstand time and wear and offer numerous benefits, both from a practical and design point of view. In addition to being easy to clean, this carpet is also easy to maintain. wool is an optimal choice, since it is a natural fibre that is resistant to wear and tear and has the inherent ability to repel dirt.

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